Thursday, May 16, 2013

Challenge Issue #1: Frustration

I was wondering how many of you participate in crochet challenges. So I thought I'd ask. Do you do it often? Just when it strikes your fancy or is a project that you can't pass up? Do you only do them if there's a prize awarded? I've done Crochet-a-longs, amigurumi of the month, granny square swaps, and things like that in the past but I don't recall doing a challenge.

When I got the email newsletter from The Crochet Crowd and saw their new challenge (that doesn't start until June 1st) I knew I had to look into it. Why? Because I already had that pattern from the Red Heart newsletter printed out and ready to go as a gift for my mom! Her birthday is in November and while she lives in Florida it does get chilly. This motif shawl is perfect for her! 

If you're interested, the link to the pattern is above but the challenge is on the Crochet Crowd website. I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter so you can keep updated on all the great stuff happening over there. I plan on posting/tweeting/instagram-ing my progress on this challenge so follow me! Facebook me at Crochet2002. Twitter @crochet2002. And on Instagram at crochet2002. In case you're wondering, crochet is what I do and 2002 is the year I got married, plus it's something easy for me to remember. LoL!

Like I mentioned above, I was already in the process of making this shawl so I'm going to show you what I've got finished so far. This is a circular motif where you join the pieces as you go through the project.

Nine motifs joined together

There are 27 of these large motifs with 16 smaller ones for the inside and 16 smaller ones for the outside. I like the idea of joining as you go, sounds great! No going back and having to put all 59 of those suckers together plus weaving additional ends into the work. That makes me sweat just thinking about it, that's a lot of work.

Well, joining as you go (while making something with 12 points on it) is not as easy as it sounds. I had to frog 4 motifs to fix two mistakes, it literally dragged me out of bed last night because it was bothering me that much! Granted, I didn't have to fully frog all 4, but it was harrowing enough trying to remember which one was the last one joined! Otherwise you get a spaghetti mess! *facepalm*

Hence the use of some stitch markers and actually paying attention to what the heck I'm doing instead of trying to watch TV, have a snack and crochet all at the same time! (Can you feel my frustration?)

Large safety pins as stitch markers for keeping up with joining points

But not to fear, my frustration was short lived (over the 4 hours of sleep I got). I think this is going to make a lovely gift for my mother and I know she'll enjoy it. So a couple hours of frustration, brought on by my own carelessness I might add, is nothing compared to the smile I know will be on her face when she opens this gift.

The big question now is whether or not I will participate in challenges in the future? If you think this one little snafu is keeping me from learning something new ... you don't know me at all ... ^_^ ... I see many, many more in my future!

What about you? I'd love to hear your experiences and lessons learned! 

Peace and blessings,


  1. Hey Karen! This is really swa-weet. I can't comment on crochet challenges specifically because hands just wont let me do it. I do have thoughts on contests in general though. I've entered a lot of 'contests' over the years and find that if I want to or not, I get emotionally involved in them and they can create really high highs and shockingly low lows.

    It's certainly worth trying a time or two to see if it suits you. Just remember - your stuff is awesome, most people will recognize that and the one or two that dont, aren't worth your time!

    1. Thanks Susan, that's definitely something to consider. Good thing I'm not in it to win it (so to speak) I like the idea of learning something new (ie: joining as I go) and trying to get it finished before the deadline. I guess I'm really only competing against myself. LoL

  2. I'll be sure and NOT show Mother this post ;-) Love you Sis!!! xoxo

  3. Hello thank you for visiting me and commenting really nice of you. I've added you to my following list. Your work is lovely very intricate. :)