Sunday, April 21, 2013

Liebster Blog Award? What is this? Whatever it is, I just got one!

I log on to my blog every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, checking for comments that need a response. Today, I happened to see that my post on April 11 had a comment. Since I didn't post a pattern of my own I was a bit more than curious. Apparently, CrochetLoverBlog awarded me this achievement. Thank you!

And being the curious sort that I am, I searched to make sure the word "liebster" wasn't obscene, offensive or derogatory in any way. It actually means "darling" in German. I found a post by yet another blogger that had also received this award here.

Now if you read both links (CrochetLoverBlog and SoppheySays) the rules are different. One place says to award the achievement to a blogger with less then 3,000 followers while the other says the requirement is far less at only 200. One says to nominate 11 other bloggers while the other says to pick 3 to 5. Now, reading that you can guess what this award is designed to do: bring people to your site. I love the idea! It could be fun and we could possibly make contacts around the world! Exciting, isn't it?

So here are the Rules I feel are appropriate and acceptable, thus the ones I'm going to use:
  1. Acknowledge the person that gave you the Award and follow their blog. (see above ^_^)
  2. Answer the 11 interview-type questions from your gracious presenter. (available on their blog; see, you have to visit their blog!)
  3. Visit the blogs that received the Award along with you.
  4. Grant the Award to 10 other bloggers that are just starting or have less than 500 followers. (200 is a bit low for me and remember to send this award to someone other than the person that sent it to you)
  5. Award the "report" to each of your winners, ie: tag them somehow or post on their blog letting them know about the Award.
  6. Link back to your site so they can answer the interview-type questions you have posted for them. You can use the questions that you answered or ones that you come up with on your own but please do not ask questions that might be considered offensive; someones religious/political practices or sexual preference is not your business to ask about.
  7. Remember, this is for fun and virtual foot traffic. You are under no obligation to participate. There are no judges, no "special" rules, and no official site and/or team coming with a giant check and balloons to your doorstep. If you receive the Award you can do one of two things; Accept and pass it along or don't.

And the Liebster goes to: 

Questions for MY RECIPIENTS:
  1. What other hobbies/crafts do you do besides what's on your site?
  2. What goal/s do you hope to achieve within the next year for your blog?
  3. Why blogging?
  4. Do you teach your craft/hobby to others within your community?
  5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  6. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
  7. Describe your organizational skills in three words or less.
  8. Can you yodel?
  9. What do you do in your spare time to relax? (other than your hobby/craft)
  10. If you could do any one thing what would it be? (for example climbing Mt. Everest)
  11. What about your blog (craft/hobby) are you most proud of and why?

These are the questions that CrochetLoverBlog asked me and my answers to them:
  1. Knitter, Crocheter, or other?  If Other, what? I crochet and dabble in knitting.
  2. Where are you from? Wild Wonderful West Virginia
  3. Dog or cat? Dog, hands down. 
  4. What crafts are you interested in? Well, crochet of course, but I also enjoy drawing (with a pencil not that computer stuff that anyone can do), writing short stories and making beaded jewelry.
  5. What other hobbies do you have? Uhhh, well, I'm not exactly sure. I crochet everywhere I go. Even in church. I suppose reading would be another. I'm an avid lover of mystery novels and science fiction/fantasy. 
  6. What motivated you to start blogging? My husband. He rolls his eyes at my mention of buying more yarn but he is a great supporter of what I do, my family members are my number one fans. He actually suggested I teach a class but I'm not all that comfortable with speaking in front of a bunch of people so I tried my hand at blogging instead. Been at it for over a year now with my site having almost 20,000 hits so far.
  7. Do you play online games of any sort? If so what kind? As a matter of fact, I play online mmorpg's, specifically Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft. Occasionally, I will play Halo with my son on XBox 360.
  8. Pants or skirts? PANTSPANTSPANTS
  9. Yarn or thread? I usually crochet with yarn, acrylic worsted weight, mostly Red Heart or I Love This Yarn. I like thread but it makes my hands cramp something fierce when I use it for too long. Personally, I think threads make a more elegant project than regular yarn does. But I'm not really the elegant type, lol.
  10. Do you feel connected with DAY or NIGHT more? I'm not a morning person if that's what you're asking. I can function at any time since me and sleep had a falling out and haven't been the best of friends for quite a while. My most productive time seems to be between 1 or 2 in the afternoon to about 2 or 3 in the morning. 
  11. What type of patterns do you like to make things with? I can follow a graph or diagram just about as well as a written pattern. In some cases even better depending on who came up with the written version. I suppose like most crocheters out there, if I can't figure it out by reading it then I'll just look at it and go from there.       
Now let the fun begin! Play nice and support your fellow bloggers.
Have a great day!


  1. Nice! It is a pretty cool way for folks to share with one another and get more eyes one more blogs. Glad someone found you!

    Oh - and For the Horde! :)

  2. Thank you for giving me a LIebster award! I've been given this award twice! I will update my post and add the question that you are asking. Thank you again.