Thursday, November 12, 2015

Christmas Elf, Elf, Elf, Elf ...

I thought today I'd share some of the cute little crochet Christmas Elf patterns that I've come across in recent weeks! Here goes:

1. This pattern from Heart & Sew is done so well that he should last for years to come and maybe even be able to be handed down to the next shelf lounging Elf lovers out there!

Photo by Heart & Sew

2. These gorgeous little guys from AmigurumiBB look like something from a childhood Christmas movie! Who wouldn't want one of these to play with?

Photo by AmigurumiBB

3. This cute little elf (or gnome or ...) from Owlishly is perfect for practicing the art of amigurumi. And you can place them as ornaments on the tree!

Photo by Owlishly

4. Although this pattern by Anastasia Eisenberg is available for purchase via Ravelry, I thought I'd include it because he's just too stinking cute! Those huge ears did it for me and I can't help but grin when I look at him.

Photo by Anastasia Eisenberg

5. And finally, an Elf to help keep you warm this cold holiday season. RepeatCrafterMe has designed this square, along with 8 others, for a Christmas themed blanket that, when finished, is simply fantastic!

Photo by RepeatCrafterMe

I hope you've enjoyed these 5 little guys/gals. It definitely gives us something different to make for this busy holiday season. Craft fairs and Christmas bazaars are getting into full swing right about now, so one of these guys may make an appearance!

Peace and blessing,

Thursday, October 29, 2015

One Gift Down ...

As you can tell by the title of the post I have one gift completed and ready for Christmas! Of course, if I keep looking at it I'm going to want to put beads or buttons or something else on it. But what crafter doesn't do that?

This is the Granny Cocoon Shrug that recently went viral in several Facebook groups. I decided I wanted to make one - I also decided that instead of making it for me I was going to gift it!

I kinda sorta followed >>THIS<< video but I changed a couple of things - the arms for one. However, I LOVE the way it turned out and I think the recipient will love it too! 

Stay safe this Halloween and remember it's all about FUN! Peace and blessings.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Getting ready for Christmas!

Are you busy making your gifts already? I am, too! And I want to share one with you today.

I've looked at these lovely dishcloths for some time now and I finally decided to make one (well two) for one of my aunts for Christmas.

Here's the one that's completed:

I just LOVE how it turned out! I used a crochet thread #10 for the eye and embroidered it on and yes, as you can tell, I didn't have any yellow cotton yarn so her beak is made of regular ww acrylic. But it still looks great!

Here's a link to the pattern that I (sorta) followed.

The site is in French but the pattern is a diagram that you can follow. I think I'm going to write out the pattern for myself though, since I had to make some adjustments when I was following the diagram.

I am going to ask that if you're the praying sort, to add some prayers for my family in the mix. We've lost another loved one to cancer last night, my cousin Mark. He will be missed.

Peace and blessings,

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More Hats

This is a short week for me since I'm speaking at the Women's Emmaus Walk starting on Thursday. That's why I'm posting a day early =D 

This week I've been practicing my talk and working on something that's near and dear to my heart: cancer caps.

I've made several and if you follow me on Instagram you've seen the ones that I posted. Here's a few for you to see.

LOVE the elephant button on this color blocked hat.

Plain and simple but oh so soft and warm!

This is a pattern I hope to have ready next week
and may not be given to the Cancer Center
since it's so seasonal.

This is made in the same style as the Pumpkin Hat
but is more appropriate for the Cancer Center
since it can be worn at any time.

I really like this variegated yarn with the orange.

Simple orange and cream hat with a single crochet edging.

This one is made with #8 thread and has flowers
made with #10 thread. Really like how this one came out.
I'm keeping this one though.

Apparently I've had plenty of orange yarn - LOL

(And click that Instagram link and follow me!)

Peace and blessing to you all,

Thursday, October 1, 2015

REPOST: Delores DeColores Slouchy Beanie

Since the Walk to Emmaus is happening over the next two weekends (this weekend for the men and next weekend for the women) I thought I'd repost this great hat!
Perfect for the cold weather days ahead!

To celebrate the Walks I'm offering a coupon code that will last until the Women's Walk ends on Sunday, October 11, 2015 at 4PM.

Use coupon code
at checkout to get the pattern at half price!

>>HERE<< for the pattern
with coupon already loaded
and ready for check-out.


Delores DeColores Slouch Beanie

My beautiful daughter Maeghan models for me.
The body of the hat has a lot of room and give for those with long hair
while still laying nicely for those of us with shorter locks.

This hat is quite easy to make and will match a myriad of styles and colors. The small heart-shaped button at the top adds a bit of whimsy to the piece. It can be made in any color yarn and will still look just as great! 

I love the button and that cinched look!

I decided to write up the pattern and share it through my Ravelry store. There is a small fee for this pattern of which 25% goes to the Emmaus community. It's my way of giving back to this worthwhile ministry so that others can experience the joy and blessings offered.

Click >HERE< to get your
copy of the pattern with lots of photos
to help you through the construction
of this fantastic hat!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Recovering with a Free Pattern

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks because of some things happening in the family: I had an aunt (only 5 years older than me) to pass away from a sudden illness. We grew up more like sisters than aunt and niece. I can even remember arguing over who got to play with what toy. Memories like that bring a smile to my face every time I think of them.

I just wanted to let you know that I hadn't fallen off the face of the Earth and that I am still crocheting. I'm working on a new pattern today, as a matter of fact.

It is available as a downloadable PDF through Ravelry.

Just click >>HERE<< to be taken to the pattern.

Time will make the passing of my aunt less painful and I will always remember her as my older sister.

Peace and blessings to you all,

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Repost: Ragamuffin Mitts with Pattern

I've been sick this week and haven't completed any projects to share with you but I do want to reshare a simple and quick pair of fingerless mitts that you can whip up in just a couple of hours.

It's a downloadable PDF from Ravelry!

Now I'm headed back to my cough drops and tissues ... you guys stay safe.


This time of year I'm a bit prone to achy joints, especially my wrists. You can guess from that how much I love fingerless gloves. This is a pair I made last night. I was just crocheting while watching TV and <BOOM> they were done! It took about 2 hours including the time it took to weave in all the ends and make adjustments for a better fit.

Now these are no where near glamorous but they are comfortable and they will keep your wrists nice and warm and loose for hours of crafting work! The instructions are easy to follow and this would make a good project for the beginning crocheter. 

The Ragamuffin Mitts Pattern
is available as a PDF download through Ravelry.

Click HERE to get your free copy!