Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kitchen Rug

So last week I mentioned I spent some time in Florida. While I was there, my loving and crafty mother gave me some yarn. My husband would argue that she gave me half a store's worth of yarn but what does he know about a crocheters' needs, right?

Some of the yarn she gave me is Peaches & Creme cotton. She's been successful in making some rugs and showed me how, so I made my own. I just love the colors and how it turned out. Originally, I was going to have 2 different sets of small Granny's in the center and just do some single crochets around until it got the size I needed. As you can see from the picture, I just went with one set in the center of the rug and used the other set of Granny's as centers for matching pot holders.

I still have enough Granny's to make 2 more pot holders . . . but . . . I may hold on to those for now. I can see another rug in my future here soon!

30"x20" Rug with 7" Pot Holders(before blocking)
colors are Lemon, Sage Green, Bright Pink and Peppercorn Ombre

It's time to get crafting for Christmas! So, what's on your hook this week?


  1. For kitchen rugs, you need quality, durability, stain resistance and versatile kind of rugs. While it is true that a kitchen floor receives a good deal of dirt and debris, simply selecting a washable or stain-resistant fiber will remove concerns about an area rug's practicality in the kitchen. Whatever material is chosen for a kitchen area rug, it's very important that the rug has a properly sized non-slip rug pad.

    1. All of that is true and it's why I use a non-slip backing and Scotch Guard ( on all my floor rugs
      Thank you for reading!
      Have a great day!

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