Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm Giving Blogging a Try!!!

I like to make things and create things out of stuff (usually my husband calls it rubbish) that's laying around the house. Like taking the rings from the gallon of milk, crochet around it in festive colors, add a bow and call it a Christmas Wreath (and hang it on the tree!). I walk around in Cracker Barrel and see things . . . I take pics of them with my iPod and think to myself I can make that! Drives my husband crazy.

I'm on  Ravelry  and in a group called Amigurumi of the Month. I just joined, but find that I like it a lot. I made the Monkey with a Banana and absolutely fell in love with it! (That's him up there - I named him Chip)

I plan on sending him to Florida for my niece. If I can part with him that is.

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