Thursday, March 22, 2012


So I'm in this Crochet-a-Long with Vickie Howell over at her Facebook page. It's running from Thursday, March 22 through Sunday, March 25. I actually cheated a bit. Let me tell you what I did.

The pattern calls for Caron Sheep-ish yarn (which is a Vickie Howell product of course) and I could not find any here in town. So I looked at the pattern tried to get as close to her yarn as possible, playing around with my not-so-small stash of yarn in the house. After finally finding something I was happy with, something soft and Spring-y looking, I grabbed the hook and put it close at hand. Well, for anyone that knows me, you know I had to pick it back up and at least TRY the pattern out, just to make sure I understood all the stitches and stuff. (lol)

So I kinda have one side of the scarf completed already. Well, not kinda, I DO have one side finished and I'm taking my time with the other side so I can play around with the others doing the crochet-a-long. 

I love the pattern! It's a simple, open weave of chains and single crochets. The edging at the ends are just a treble crochet and more chain stitches. Anyone could do this pattern and make a great gift or scarf for themselves. It's perfect for the cooler Spring nights as something to add to a light weight jacket or sweater.

I think I may even make a couple more for my sisters in Florida using a sock-weight yarn. That may be all they need that far south when Winter rolls back around.

So that's my thought and my WiP for the day. Have a blessed day!

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