Friday, March 16, 2012

S'mores? What S'mores?

Alright, I am working on it still. I'm having an issue with getting a graham cracker to look right. But I haven't given up on it. It's just side-lined at the moment. As you can see in the pic here I have done something with it. 
My S'more in progress.

So what am I doing? Well a couple of things actually. I went to the eye doctor the other day and decided that I don't like getting old. That's right, bifocals! What the heck?  I'm mean who has them anyway? Mrs. BeasleyJust as well I guess. I can't see anything that's close to me. I've been looking under my glasses when I crochet. And when I read, well, I take my glasses off completely. So I'll be better off with them I'm sure. It's just the fact that my glasses will have bi-focals!  I shudder at the thought.

BUT on a better note, my far vision didn't change and my retinas are "beautiful" (that's a direct quote from the doctor!). I have Diabetes and we need to take care of our eyes. Retinopathy is nothing to play with! And I got my new contacts as well. So that lead me to get a new pair of sunglasses and that lead to me dragging out the cotton crochet thread and making a sunglasses case! I'm not finished with it but it will be so cool! I'm going to line it with some kind of fabric. I'll post a pic when I'm finished with it.  

And I've been working in the evenings on a blanket. Using 2 strands of 4-ply worsted weight yarn and a LARGE hook! I have no idea what size that thing is, there are no markings on it of any kind. I'm using 3 muted colors; maroon, purple, green, along with a black as the second color. I'm loving the way it's coming out. Just a simple single crochet back and forth in rows. I'm not sure who will get this one. I'm leaning towards a guy since it's in darker colors and very understated. This thing is warm too, let me tell you! But it's going to be so comfortable for snuggling once it's finished. 

Well, I'm out until next time. Have a safe and happy Saint Patrick's Day. Slán libh!!

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