Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Little Vacation

This past weekend, my husband and I ventured across the Ohio River and went north-ish into Columbus. We'd been there before a couple years ago on a semi-second honeymoon. But that was only for a weekend as well. Nevertheless we had a blast both last time and this time.

Have you ever been to the North Market? I highly recommend you go. Go now. If now isn't good for you make it ASAP. The place is wonderful. But only if you're nerdy like we are. I love North Market! Food and fresh produce and salsas and sauces and ice cream (omgwtfbbq ice cream) and fresh meats and fish and baked goods and . . . oh my. I'm sorry I had to stop. I was getting all worked up.

Another place we visited was the Book Loft. Let me tell you, if you've ever dreamed of going to an endless library of books this is the place. 32 rooms? It's ridiculous! And wonderful! It's wonderfully ridiculous! The picture on their main page is very misleading. Who'd think you could get 32 rooms from the docile unimposing abode in that picture? I get lost! Anyway, while I was in the Book Loft I came across a couple of books about crochet. That's the whole point of this post and I go and get lost in my memories of the North Market. *slaps hand with ruler "Bad blogger!"*

These are the two books we got there. My husband found the Amigurumi book and actually showed it to me. Can you believe that? The Crochet Master Class book caught my eye because of the "how-to" included inside. It's a compilation of different techniques each written by a master in that particular style of crochet. Each style also has a pattern included written especially for this book. I'm excited to start a project. I think my first one will be the Woven Crochet written by Jenny King. Her work is fabulous and I adore the woven crochet throw that's in this publication. 

But first, I have a niece that's coming to visit from Florida in July and I want to make something for her. So my next project is a doll. I just hope I pick the best one for her.

Have a great week and keep on keeping on!

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