Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crochet Circular Purse - The Gemma

Okay, I keep saying I'm going to make a doll for my niece. I've started it, I have all the material needed, I have the pattern printed out . . . so what's the big deal? Why can't I get it done?

For one thing, I need eyes. No, not for myself - for the doll. They are not hard to get so I can't blame it on that. Maybe it's because I'd like to do something special for her. She has grandparents that are are absolutely enamored by her. So "toys" aren't something she has a shortage of by any means. I know when mine were that age toys were coming out my ears!

So I worked on a purse. My mother has said that baby Gemma loves to carry things around. Well alrighty then! I got a couple skeins of yarn and started working on a pattern I found at Lion Brand Yarn. I hated it. I'm sure it was me or my yarn choice but I hated it.

So I looked around for another (and bought some more yarn). I found one, read the comments and came up with my own take on it. Click that link and look at the original then check out the changes I made.

I like mine better (of course - lol). Enjoy!

Gemma's Purse
I added a strip between the panels so it would NOT
be a "flat" purse. This is for a girl who's 1 year old
and I'm sure she needs some space!

I added a lining to reinforce the purse and help
hold it's shape. No one I know likes a floppy purse.

And lastly, I only used one strap across the purse.
The length is 70 (+1) sc chain using a G hook.

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