Thursday, July 5, 2012

My First Shrug!

I like keeping warm. Even in the summer months you can get cold in certain places; movie theaters, malls, church . . . even home. Now a summer scarf can keep your neck warm and cozy but your arms and shoulders are left out in the cold. A jacket or sweater might be too much, making you hot and sweaty not to mention look silly (*looks side to side as she realizes she's looked silly a few too many times*).

But a shrug . . . now that's the thing for summer time chills. It covers the arms and shoulders while leaving your back and front open. Here's the one I made from yarn scraps that were around the house. (Modeled by my lovely daughter Katrina!) Yes, it does look like something from a Mexican Day of the Dead party but when you're using scraps, you get what you get. LoL!

Enjoy and have a safe post-holiday weekend!

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