Thursday, July 12, 2012

No Power!

So we were without power AGAIN over this past weekend. Two and a half days with no electricity, no internet, no TV and no phone. My kids were going batty. They didn't have a clue what to do. Well when I was a kid (here I go with the old people stuff - lol) we didn't have anything like "internet" or 200+ channels on the TV. I had CBS, NBC, ABC and PBS. Now that's some awesome television viewing right there. And during the day, instead of playing games on the X-Box/Playstation or online we went OUTSIDE! *gasp* Cowboys and Indians, touch football, exploring the woods behind the house and stepping into a yellow-jacket nest! (That's the truth, my sister and I stepped into a nest while crawling over a fallen log - ouch!).

So what did I do while listening to the kids grumble? I crocheted! (wow - that's news ^_^)
Here are some pics of what I made. 

This is a scrap yarn throw - 5-sided with 32 rows of double crochet using an H hook. It's 47" wide. I love the star pattern the corners make.

This is a beret/neck wrap set. The beret pattern is here. I love CrochetSpot they are awesome. The neck wrap is 15" long and is just 6 rows of single crochet joined to make a circle. The length hits right about the middle of your chest. Just right for chilly autumn evenings. And I lovelovelove the beret pattern, I've made 3 so far and plan on making more.  

Now this is just adorable! A regular beanie pattern, adult female sized, with 3 daisies attached. It reminds me of the 1920's era hats you see in those old black and white movies. And again the scarf is single crochet, 8 rows wide and 25" long. This one has a length that strikes me mid-abdomen. The edgings are something I always fret over. This one is simple; sc, dc, sc all in one stitch and sc in the next. Just repeat that pattern all the way around and you get that frilly look you see here.

This is a simple single crochet headband with a large daisy attached, very easy and it looks great. Headbands are the cutest thing ever on kids and babies, don't you think?

This last image is the top of the beret hat. My son has a friend that asked me to make him a slouchy hat and this is what I made for him. It's exactly like the yellow one with one exception; since he asked for a "slouchy" hat I did increase the number of rows (instead of rounds 7-9 like the pattern calls for I went 7-12) to make it longer and a bit more slouchy. I hope he likes it. I'll find out on Sunday when he picks it up, won't I?

Imagine the things I could have gotten completed if I hadn't been forced to go to bed at 10 PM! (I say forced because I can't crochet by candle-light, it makes my head hurt >.<) So use your downtime to craft more. You can nevernevernever do too much crafting!

Have a great week and say thanks for the electricity! 

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