Thursday, August 2, 2012

Effin Purse and Other Things

So last week I didn't post anything because I was in Florida visiting with family, and yes, I had a great time! Catching up, laughing and enjoying one another is always a blessing to me.

While there my mother and I decided to crochet some house shoes. This would be the first pair of slippers for both of us and we were a little bit excited about it to be honest. (Oh yes, this is a story comin!)

We decided on a pair from a book she had and set about making them; following the directions like we were supposed to, consulting when one or the other of us had a question. Well, don't you know, those slippers kinda upset me. No, not "kinda" . . . did upset me. <insert angry face here>

By my reckoning (and my mother's as well) we would have been wearing cloth envelopes on our feet. Really? And my mother gave good money for this book, too! My mother even put the "slipper" (and I use that term loosely) on her head and it reminded us both of the Air Force serviceman's cap. We did laugh over that, as well as a few other jokes we made at this "effin" slippers' expense.

Needless to say we tossed that bugger aside and worked on another one, we fudged around with the directions but ended up with a pretty good pair of slippers from both of us. Boy-o were we proud! Our first pair of shoes! I really was tickled and so was she.

But I couldn't let go of that failed attempt and I was determined not to waste the yarn. So I made something out of it . . . here's the Effin Slipper and our "real" slippers. 

Enjoy your week!

This is the slipper that became a purse.
It's monochromatic, so a bit hard to see
the pink flower button clasp. My
daughter loves it and even carried it
to the mall while we were there.
The actually footwear we finally finished.
This is my mother's pair and they look amazing!
A bit skewed but another image of my mother's
slippers giving you a better idea of yarn colors.
Dark blue with pink trim and 3-petal flower.

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