Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mittens! My first mittens!

In past winters I kept telling myself that I was going to make myself some mittens/gloves. Did I ever do it? No. Why not? Hmm .... I'm not sure really. All the crochet mitten patterns I see look bulky and not very neat. Maybe I'm a snob and don't know it but they looked cheap. After much exploring and even playing around on my own I had come to the decision that crochet mittens were not for me.  Then I began seeing patterns were the finger part folds back, you know the ones. Those interested me BUT yet again I hesitated. Why this time? Well the thumb. The fingers would be free but the thumb would be covered. Or conversely not covered at all. (-.-) *sigh*

Well, I'm determined to make a set for myself this year, so I break out this fantabulous bulky weight yarn that I picked up in Florida (from my Mother's of course). I get a great slouchy hat completed with it, make a matching scarf and set out to work on the mittens. Here's what I did! I'm happy with them but unfortunately these are not destined to be mine. They're a Christmas gift.

Enjoy and remember, 18 weeks and 4 days til Christmas is here!


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