Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nylon Thread . . . Hmmmm . . .

I had the greatest idea for a Christmas gift for one of my sisters! I was gonna crochet her a nylon backpack! She's forever going places (work, Jazzercise, the gym, parties) so I thought this would make the perfect thing for her to toss stuff in and not have to worry about ruining anything. 

Have I made that bag? Hmm  . . . nope! What I have done is make a bible cover out of the nylon thread. When you look at the (unfinished) cover you'll see that I was making a granny square (sort of) and did have my thoughts on a bag. I had my bible lying beside me and put down the work for a minute to do something, I forget what it was now. But when I came back and saw it on the beat up cover of my bible I was inspired! Lo and behold a bible cover was born.

Do I have any idea how to make a bible/book cover of any kind? Nope. Have I made a few mistakes along the way. Yes! But I love it anyway and I hope you do as well.

Peace and love!

Front Cover
Back Cover

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