Friday, September 14, 2012

What will the Future Hold for Crochet?

Fiber art has been around for hundreds to thousands of years. Until as recently as 50 years ago learning to crochet or knit was a right of passage for many young women, and fewer men, taught by mothers and grandmothers to future generations. I've read and heard stories of knitting needles and crochet hooks that have been handed down through generations.

Today you can pick up a kit, everything included, and learn to make simple projects like pillow covers or scarfs. Books are readily available for purchase or download or even from the public library if you only want to borrow one. Magazines are dedicated to fiber arts and can be delivered to your door monthly for what's typically a low cost subscription fee.

It looks like the foreseeable future is in the App Store. Have you seen what's available? I have an iPod Touch (which I love by the way) and I have several apps and podcasts that I've recently stumbled upon. I know, I have this blog and one would think that if I can do a blog every week I'd be "in the know" about new things and all things nifty in the wonderful wide world of the web. But I don't. If someone doesn't tell me or if I don't read about it then I'm clueless. I'm a dinosaur stumbling around in the china shop of applications and podcasts. And not a cool dinosaur either. I'd be a weirder than usual subspecies of a walking catfish. Such is my life. ^_^

Here's a list of things I find interesting, entertaining and educational. These are available on iTunes (because it's what I use) but I'm sure they can be obtained through other app providers.

  • YarnCraft - A podcast for yarn lovers from Lion Brand Yarn (free)
  • Crochet Geek - by Teresa Richardson (free)
  • Crochet Decoder -  guide to symbols, abbreviations and more ($0.99)
  • Lion Brand Yarn - app from the company (free)
  • Red Heart - app from the company (free)
  • Crochet Today!, Crochet and Crochet World magazines also have apps (free)
You can also hit up Google or your preferred search engine and find a ton more. 
Go explore and have a great week! 

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