Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quick and Easy Water Bottle Cozy

I was away this past weekend. Did I leave my yarn at home? NO! (duh) I took it with me - well some of it, it might take a U-Haul trailer to get all my yarn to travel with me. I had a few hours of down-time and although I was surrounded by a lot of other women, I managed to get a small project completed. It took about an hour and a half and that includes interruptions and three restarts.

Our water was in a cooler full of ice and that means a damp bottle. Not to mention the condensation while you're drinking. I hate that. Really, I do. I even use napkins at Wendy's around my drinks. People look at me funny sometimes, my family has gotten used to it so they've quit staring (mostly).

This is a quick pattern and useful when made in 100% cotton yarn. I used Lily® Sugar'n Cream® and a size H crochet hook. Now I didn't write a pattern as I was doing this, I was really trying to get this finished before I had to go back to the seminar so I could use it!

Here's what I did:

Materials: Lily® Sugar'n Cream® yarn - small amount
                 Size H crochet hook
                 embroidery needle

Row 1: Chain 3 and do 8 HDC in the second chain from the hook. Join to first HDC.
Row 2: Chain 2. Two HDC in each stitch around. Join.
Row 3: Chain 1. One SC in each stitch around. Join.
Row 4: Chain 2. One HDC in each stitch around, do not join, work in rounds until the cozy is as big as you want it.
End rounds with one SC followed by a slip stitch. Tie off and weave in ends.

This project is simple to custom fit any size bottle/can you are using. Just use different stitches or hooks to increase or decrease size. You can also Google "water bottle cozy" and find a bunch more patterns!

Enjoy! Make a bunch and share them!
(wouldn't it be cool to see a bunch of these in the stands at a ballgame made in school colors?)


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