Monday, October 8, 2012

Support Something

Oh, so you noticed that my page went from brown to pink? Give you three guesses as to why . . . and the first two don't count. That's right, Breast Cancer Awareness month. There's no shortage of charities or causes that people can support. I have two that I help and that's Breast Cancer Awareness and the American Diabetes Association. If I can offer a little help to an organization that's looking into treatments and cures for diseases that impact me personally, then by-golly I'm going to do it!

As anyone that reads my blog will notice, I usually post on Thursdays. This one is an extra for October. Below you will find some links to crafts that you can do and donate to charities for auctions and such. Every little bit helps. By the way, these are links to crochet items and they can be done in the color of your choice for whatever cause you choose to support.



There are so many more things one can do to help. Hit the internet and look around for patterns! Get involved in your community - you can make a difference!

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