Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crocheting Warmth: Button Cowl Pattern

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Recently, I've been stressing over Christmas gifts; you know getting them finished and all that. Well around here the nights have been getting colder and the days are getting a definite crisp chill. I try to make a scarf for myself every year, with the scarf from the previous year being sent to Salvation Army, Goodwill, Homeless shelters, etc.

This year, I've fallen behind. I sent all my other scarves away already! Let me tell you, I've been missing their warm embrace around my neck. One reason is, you guessed it, the Christmas gifts. Another reason is that I just couldn't come up with something I liked. I started a cowl that somehow grew into a lapghan (go figure) so that's going to be a Christmas gift for my Dad and his wife.

Finally, I found some colors and soft cozy yarns that I thought would work and made a button cowl for myself. Since my winter coat is white anything would match. This is my own pattern, simple but effective, and effective is my main priority; I need something to help keep me warm!

Alright, since I didn't count stitches I'll just tell you what I did and how I did it.

Materials I used:
  • Yarn of your choice (I used 2 solids and 1 variegated)
  • size P crochet hook (tapered head)
  • scissors
  • embroidery needle
  • button of your choice (I used a 2-hole wooden button, 1.5" diameter)
Stitches used: (Stitch Guide here) 
  • Chain
  • Single Crochet
  • Half-Double Crochet
  • Slip Stitch

Row 1: Chain enough to make the cowl fit the length you desire.
Row 2: SC in second chain from hook and in each chain across.
             Chain one and turn.
Row 3: SC in each stitch across. Change color at the end of this row.
            Chain one and turn after color change.
Row 4-5: Repeat rows 2 and 3*. At the end of Row 5 introduce third color.
            *Chain two and turn after adding third color.
Row 5: HDC in each stitch across. Chain two and turn.
Row 6: HDC in each stitch across. Change color at the end of this row.
            Chain one and turn.
Repeat Rows 2 through 6 one more time.
Repeat Rows 2 through 5 one more time.

IF desired; finish edges with a pattern of your choice, I used a simple Slip Stitch all the way around taking care to make 1SS, chain 1, 1SS in each corner to prevent anything funky looking. Weave in loose ends, trim all excess.

Attach button with thread or coordinating color yarn at approximately the 15th or 16th stitch from the end and close to the middle of the rows (about row 9 or 10). The HDC stitches make a good button hole for this size button when you use this size hook. IF you use a smaller hook, you're gonna have to make a button hole. Weave in any remaining ends.

Now put that thing on and STAY WARM!
Or give it to someone else that needs to stay warm.

39 days until Christmas!!!