Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pink Snowflake

There are so many snowflake patterns out there I debated on whether or not to even do one for a post. I was going to use other peoples' patterns and make a post about those, sorta like a rating system as to whose was easiest, most time consuming, etc. I guess I'll have to do that one later (as in I will remember it this time next year). 

I got several patterns together and started working through them. What I discovered was this: they were very confusing! One pattern reads ...
  • ".... Round 1: CH 2, DC in CH. *CH 3, DC Cluster, repeat from * 5 times total. CH 3, join in beg cluster. Round 2: SL ST to center of CH 6..."
I was completely confused as to where the "CH 6" in Round 2 came from. All of the ones I printed off had confusing areas like that in the directions. I muddled through some, frogged several others and finally threw up my hands in frustration.

My husband (who thinks I'm Da Vinci in the world of crochet) has told me several times before that I should just make my own patterns. So that's what I did. I made my own. BUT (there's always a big but somewhere) I don't have the written pattern completed just yet. That's coming next week. Here's the pics of what I made last night, which is why the written pattern isn't finished yet.

Next week the written pattern will be available and hopefully I can get some more done up in different colors to show you. I plan on using different size hooks and yarns for testing as well. It's good to know how something will look using different materials, that way you know whether or not anyone can do it with what they have on hand.

Have a great week and remember ....


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