Thursday, January 10, 2013

Crochet: The Perfect Craft?

There are many, many wonderful fingerless glove or wrist warmer patterns out there. All you have to do is Google it or hit up Ravelry. Recently, I found a simple yet beautiful pattern from CrochetSpot. I made a pair for my sister in Florida, she doesn't really need gloves in Florida of course, but having something to keep your wrists warm while working at the computer in an air-conditioned office is nice.

The pattern at CrochetSpot calls for size 10 crochet thread. I have several colors of thread to choose from but instead I went with Patons Silk Bamboo. It was so much softer and well, silkier, than the cotton thread.  And when I chose the Patons over the thread, it lead to the topic of this blog post: why crochet is the perfect craft. Read on ...

The Patons is a bit larger than #10 thread so I had to decrease the initial starting chain to 42 instead of 78. When you do something like this, adjusting the starting point of a pattern, make sure you understand what the starting chain consists of; in this case, it's multiples of 6, which the designer was kind enough to include in the notes of the pattern.

I'll do my best to explain multiples for you. A "multiple" refers to the pattern repeats, typically the parts written between the *'s. Figuring the multiples of a pattern calls for determining the number of pattern repeats + any extra stitches for turning chains, extra stitches or edges. For example: a pattern says "Chain a multiple of 5 + 2." What you're going to do is chain any number that is divisible by 5, then at the END add 2 extra chains for a turning stitch. So you may end up chaining 50 + 2. That, in a nut shell, is multiples

"This is math". Did I just hear you say that? I hated math in school, but unfortunately it's necessary. I also found a great blog that explains how to figure out what the multiples are in a pattern if it isn't listed by the designer. Click here to see that site.

With these tips, you can take any pattern and make it any size you choose.
Crochet isn't "One Size fits most", Crochet is "One Size Fits All"!!!! 

And that's why Crochet is the perfect craft.


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