Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kitty Ears Headband

During the Christmas season we had an Angel from the Angel Tree that wanted "Anything Hello Kitty". I immediately thought, "I can finally make that hat!" And that's exactly what I did. But during the creative process I made a pair of Kitty ears that were way too big for a 6 y/o girl's hat, so in the drawer they went. And they sat there until Tuesday of this week when my daughter reminded me that I was supposed to do something with them. Well, do something with them I did!

As you can see, with my beautiful daughter as a model, I made a headband with Kitty ears! It's a really simple pattern and it uses an inexpensive plastic headband that can be bought almost anywhere. 

Kitty Ears Headband

  • Worsted Weight yarn, I used Red Heart Super Saver in white and pink
  • Pink Rustica Eclat Cotton Thread (93% Mercerized Cotton & 7% Metallic Filament)
  • plastic headband (picture below)
  • size H crochet hook
  • scissors
  • embroidery needle for weaving in the ends
Stitches used: 
  • Chain (ch)
  • Single Crochet (SC)
For the ears I used a pattern available here. After I completed these ears I added a SC row of the Red Heart Pink and the Rustica Pink held together on only 2 sides leaving the base of each ear white.

Begin Headband Pattern:
  • While holding the plastic headband, begin at the teeth and slip stitch around to place yarn.
  • *Ch 1, SC. Repeat from * across the headband just until the teeth end. Take care to keep your stitches close together in order to cover the plastic. Manipulation may be necessary!
  • To add the ears pick a spot where you think they look good and stitch them on (make sure to put the headband over something that would simulate a head to check placement, otherwise they may look funky). 
  • Tie off and weave in all ends. 

With this type of headband, you don't have to worry about the yarn slipping off because we're using the teeth of the headband to hold our yarn. IF you get a headband without teeth, you can use double sided tape or a small amount of glue at each end to hold your yarn and keep it from slipping off the headband.

With this simple pattern you can make Kitty ears, piggy ears, puppy ears, bunny ears, Yoda ears .... well, you get the idea! It's also a great addition to a Halloween costume. Have fun with it and see what comes off your hook!


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