Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cute and Interesting Things to FInd

I love looking around the internet and finding the creations of other crafters! Their works are inspiration for the things I make. How about you? Do you find yourself seeing things from other crafters and feeling inspired? Does an intricate Irish crochet lace doily make you want to delve into that type of hooking? Take a look at this ...

How beautiful is that? This IS NOT mine, while browsing the internet one day I came across Irish Crochet Lab and their work is stunning. This leaf pattern, and others, are available at their site.

How about something like this? Cute and interesting beanies are always popular, especially if they're of a topic/movie that's hot at the time or a classic. To me Jack is classic.

This I saw on Crochet D Lane. Now while this blog isn't strictly a crochet blog, there are some beautiful items on there and I think an Etsy shop but daily chores started calling my name and I didn't have time to browse through that shop.

Then there is the .... strangely interesting items out there. Anatomically correct dolls and various body parts can be found all you have to do is search for them. If you want ... O.o

This is apparently a "happy" uterus that I came across one day when I was looking for something different, not exactly what I had in mind but it is different! The pattern is available at Gratuitous Uterus, a blog that's apparently devoted to women. I didn't delve into it to much. I prefer my body parts inside my body.

So that's all I have for this week, I've been busy, busy busy testing patterns and working on a set of my own that I hope to share with you in the next week or two. The patterns that I'm working on right now are a bit different but will make you smile. I promise.

Keep on Crafting!

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