Thursday, April 11, 2013

Looking for Inspiration

Sometimes when I'm stumped on an idea for a new project I explore the world of the internet, there I can find all sorts of inspiration. Sometimes when I'm bored, I'm browsing through the pages and pages of this virtual world and stumble onto an item that's eye-catching and I just have to make note of it. Other times I get lost for HOURS in the worlds of Pinterest, Craftsy, CraftGawker and Ravelry. Anyone who believes the art of crochet is dead hasn't been looking close enough. The art of crochet is a living breathing entity right at our fingertips, literally, because all it takes is the click of a mouse.

I was going to have something of my own completed and ready for today when real life reared it's ugly head: dog had a seizure and I personally had to go out of town twice for appointments. Alas, it isn't ready yet but here are a few of the things I found recently.

This got on my radar when I was looking through Craftsy, it's trending right now in the crochet section and it's sooooooo pretty! This is a direct link to the seller and it's only $1.00! When I get around to it, I'm buying it!

This I saw on Pinterest. It's so adorable, isn't it? The pattern is here although I can't read it. Unfortunately, I only know the same number of languages as Bruce Willis: English and bad English. This pattern is neither.

This beauty I found on CraftGawker and had to favorite it so I could find it again. I love cro-cycling and this project fits that to a T! (lol - it's funny 'cause it's a t-shirt joke ^_^ {ignore that, my kids have infected me}) 

When I can bear to part with one of my own t-shirts or when I find one at a yard sale/thrift store I might try this. But the fact that it's upcycling with crochet had me hooked. 

(I'll let you fill in the "it's funny 'cause it's a _________ joke")

And that, my friends, is how I find some of my ideas. Don't be afraid to look around and get a tickle of inspiration from a fellow crochet artist.

Have a great week!

***DISCLAIMER: These images and projects are NOT mine nor do I claim them as such.
They belong to the artists' whose hooks they fell from and are merely here as inspirational tools.
Where applicable, I've included links to the patterns and/or purchase pages.***

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