Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Busy Crochet World ...

This is what I've been up to for the past couple of weeks!

This is a baby blanket for a friend at church. It's just a simple granny square made with Bernat Baby Blanket yarn. She's due in 3 weeks! I thought I was finished, but when I pulled this piece out for the pic, guess what? That's right. NOT finished! My husband is going to kill me when he finds out - I'm supposed to give it to her on Sunday. Another trip to Hobby Lobby for more yarn . . . that's worth death to any die-hard hooker. Lol.

Oh, well. It won't take long too finish and I've already got the gift bag, so if I had to, I could finish it Sunday morning. Early Sunday morning . . . *sigh*

This granny square blanket is going to be given to another friend from church. She's not expecting though. She tripped over her dog going down some steps and broke her leg in three places. So she's going to be out of commission for a few months. I just need to get this to her without imposing. Personally, if I'm sick in any way, I prefer to be left alone. But I think a quick trip to her home with this gift and maybe some nice tea would be okay. This project was made with Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn. So soft and thick! 

You've already seen the blanket in this pic. It's the one I posted a couple of weeks ago. But I've finished the hat to go with it! It's the Elf Style Beanie from Clare at +bobwilson123. I'm going to redo that pouf on the end though. This one isn't poufy enough for me. Lol. This set is for my daughter, due in February. Which means I have time to get some booties made! You guys have any idea for booties, please post them below!

These are 7 envelopes filled with granny squares ready to be mailed! The swap I posted about last week is still in full swing and I'm still having a blast. It's definitely stretching my granny square thinking muscles. So many great patterns out there for granny squares! Go to Ravelry and take a peek. Almost overwhelming!

And this is a poncho for a special cousin of mine. She's the same age as my youngest and so sweet. Cerebral palsy has her confined to a wheelchair, her mother asked me for a design specifically for Deanna. So I'm taking a standard granny square poncho and reworking it specifically for her. When I'm finished, I'll post the pattern. It should be workable for anyone of any size that's confined to a wheelchair. I've already named it Deanna's Poncho. I just need to finish it, write the pattern and post it. Lol. I love my obsession hobby, especially when it benefits someone like Deanna. 

Keep busy, help others and you'll end up helping yourself in the process.

Peace and blessings,



  1. Sorry you ran out, but maybe not so sorry you got a trip to Hobby Lobby. :D

  2. Your projects are lovely! Any day going to a Craft store is a good day!

  3. Beautiful afghans!! Hobby Lobby trips are always great! Was recently in a Michaels with my cousin to buy some yarn. I got the yarn I came for, and then continued getting other yarns for other projects. She asked me why I didn't just buy the yarn for one project, finish it, and then get yarn for the next project. Need I say, she does not knit or crochet...