Thursday, September 12, 2013

C2C with Edging Pattern

Alrighty, I'm plugging along on all these WiP's I have and I just completed this baby blanket last night. My youngest (who is 16) keeps telling me it looks like an Easter egg, LoL!

I love the soft colors and the edging is something I kinda tossed on there to add more inches. It ended up being perfect! So here's my Corner-to-Corner with Edging pattern for you to use as well. I hope you enjoy it!

This blanket is worked entirely with Caron Simply Soft and a size G/4.25MM Hook.

Link to video for the Corner-to-Corner pattern I used: 

Edging Pattern: 
Orange DC worked in top (proper position) of
Purple DC stitches
  • Keep in mind that crocheting around a C2C project can be a bit difficult. It took 2 or 3 tries for me to get the right number of stitches in the first row of edging simply because of the way C2C project stitches are worked. Only 3 stitches at a time are actually turned in the proper position, the next stitches are worked in the side of a double crochet stitch.
2 Orange DC stitches worked into
the side of the Yellow DC stitches

So here's what I ended up doing:
  • Row 1: Attach yarn to any DC in proper position. Now the part that made me say "ugh" . . . when there was a 3 DC grouping of the C2C stitches in the proper position, I worked 3 DC in the 3 DC (first pic). When I came to the side of a 3 DC grouping of the C2C I only did 2 DC stitches in that section (second pic). This is ONLY FOR THE FIRST ROW OF THE EDGING. Corners received 4 DC in same stitch. Work this repeat (3 DC, 2 DC (4 DC in corners)) all the way around. Join to top of first DC. Cut and tie off, leaving 3 to 4 inches for a weaving tail.
  • Row 2: Attach yarn to any space between DCs of the previous row. (third pic) Chain 3 (first DC), DC in each space between the DC of the previous row. Corners are worked with (1 DC, chain 2, 1 DC) into the space as indicated in the fourth pic. Continue around, join to top of first DC. Cut and tie off, leaving a 3 to 4 inch weaving tail. 
Notice this is between the DC of the previous row.
All DC in Row 2 are worked this way.

White DC worked into the corner space
of the Orange DC row.

  • Rows 3 - 5: Repeat Row 2.
  • Row 6: Optional because it's an edging for an edging. Weird I know but I felt it needed something a little extra. This row follows the repeat of (SC, ch 3, skip next stitch, SC in next) for all the sides. The corners are (DC, ch 1,  repeat three times, DC). Join to top of first SC made, cut and tie off. Leaving a 3 to 4 inch weaving tail.
  • Weave in all tails securely and trim.

Edging for the Edging
It works for me!

Corner of the edging (last row)
(DC, chain 1) repeat 3 times, DC

Well that's a lot of work for one blanket! Not really, it went fast. And I just crocheted what I felt would work to be honest.

I hope my daughter likes it, that's the important thing, isn't it?

Here's some pictures of the completed blanket.

I pray you have a week filled with blessings and joy.


  1. Wow, I absolutely love those colors and all the detailed stiches you made. It is Beautiful. BTW; Hope you are doing okay. I haven't seen you post of course I have been away from the computer too. Take care and keep posting your beautiful work, I love seeing it.

    1. Thank you Carol! I appreciate it very much. I hope all is well with you and that you aspire to be more than even you can imagine! That's what I'm trying to do!

  2. Beautiful work! I just fell in love with the c2c pattern very recently (along with Doris Chan's "All Shawl" I'm a shawl fanatic because I am ill, and have a very pronounced muscle weakness, and it's progressing a bit faster than I'd like, so it's very hard to lift a coat, put it on, and they are so heavy, they make my shoulders ache with fatigue swearing them. I find it irritating, because I'm a coat enthusiast! So, I took to wearing robes. Started getting odd looks. Then I found crochet flowers, and then hexagons, I started making hexagons around my flowers and circles and coasters, and had to join them because I wanted to SEE the pretties, and they kept falling off the edges of my nightstand. Next thing I knew the edges were hanging off the edges of the nightstand. So, one day I had it off the nightstand, to join my latest hexagon too, and I got so sleepy I laid down on my bed, and laid the hexagon concoction across my cold upper body.... My brain went "click", yes, it was audible, and my hexagon shawl was born! It worked great in bed, when I got cold arms or shoulders and didn't bunch up like a robe does if you put it on in bed. Yippee! I have tried to make fancy pattern shawls, but I cant remember the patterning as I go. And I lose count if someone talks to me, or the phone rings, and end up frogging the whole row. So I went to basic triangle shawls using a sort of granny stitch with no ch 1 between the 3dc of the pattern. Edge them in a beautiful easy moss stitch border and I was set! Triangles got old, i wanted a flat hemline... Saw the All Shawl, and its so EASY! You go in between the stitches, into the spaces! I can do that without thinking. Thats a good thing. I'm doing my 3rd one in about 2 weeks and I'm loving them. Havent tried the lace border... Looks complicated. So I did curliques on my first one, and it took forever, but it's fun looking. I may do "worms" on the one I'm doing now. And the 2nd one is awaiting a border. I have no idea how I want that one completed.) Anyway, the c2c, it is easy and fun! I can't wait to start one in earnest, and I just happen to have a lot of Caron Simply Soft stocked up. Perfect! Did I mention my language skills are a bit messed up too? I'm afraid I ramble. Sorry! Can't seem to make written things short and to the point. I won't bug your readers with another comment for at least a week, in pennance for THIS short novel I just pumped out. I love your work! You're a great person to learn from! Personality plus too!

    1. I'm going to go look at that "All Shawl" pattern now! I love them too. Happy you stopped by and please do so again - rambling or not! I loved reading this post and I look forward to hearing from you again =D