Thursday, November 21, 2013

Heads' Up!

Guess what? I am so very pleased to announce that I've joined in a collaborative effort with another crafty blogger to help bring the joy of hand crafted love and warmth to more people. 

Meet Katrina, from Kat Knap Crafts. That link is to her recently created Facebook page, (show her some love by hitting that LIKE button) her blog is currently under construction but should be up and running before next week. Check out this logo! Isn't it cute?

Let me tell you a little bit about Katrina. She's a 22 year old with an old soul. Some of you will understand that saying and some of you won't. She's unlike most young adults her age in a lot of ways. She believes in hard work and Santa Claus. She loves hand made and new gadgets. She's head-strong and opinionated. She speaks her mind with love in her heart. She sees in others what they can't see in themselves and she loves to make others smile. She's the girl that got me addicted to World of Warcraft online gaming (I got the game as a Mother's Day gift). She's my daughter and I am so very proud of the young woman she's become. Now I get to work side by side with her in bringing our love of crafting to you. Oh, yes, how could I forget; she's about to be a first time Mom! I look forward to those posts in particular!

She does things I don't do (like canning and knitting) and we believe that our differences can bring a fullness to our blogging that wouldn't otherwise be there.

Now I have to go change my tag-line up there, it's no longer only about MY craft-a-holic endeavors. Get ready for some knitting, canning, her new-mom realizations and my new-found Nana nametag. Life is about to ge a whole lot more interesting and you get to enjoy it with us.


Here's a peak at the beanie pattern coming soon, modeled by my two youngest children. Of course I use them whenever I can, most of the time that involves pleading, bribing, cajoling and the occasional threat. This time was no different. But you need to understand one thing; my threats are always laced with a certain degree of humor. It lessens the sting when it's made but they all know that I will carry through. (Just ask them about the Gameboy incident =D)

No Shave November. His favorite time of year.

Our youngest child and oldest pet.
They're best buddies

As always, 
Peace and blessings,



  1. How exciting! What a great project for you all to work on together. Cant wait to see what comes from it.

    For the Horde!

    1. "How ya doin', mon?"
      I miss the Vanilla Troll "silly" quotes. Those were the best!
      And thanks! =D