Thursday, November 7, 2013

Personalized Gift Boxes

October is, as most people know, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you also know that October is also the month for Bullying Prevention Awareness, Health Awareness, Energy Awareness and Disability Awareness? Why am I talking about October when it's already a week into November? Well, October is also Pastor Appreciation Month and I want to share with you the gifts my family gave to the pastors at our church.

My baby sister had given me a gift like this a couple years ago and I adore it. It's a box filled with promises and decorated for the person you're gifting it to. Mine is covered in buttons! Most would guess yarn but I also have a love affair with buttons.

My husband and I went to Hobby Lobby for most of the craft supplies, including the boxes, scrap-booking paper, embellishments and the glue. The rest was already in my pile of craft supplies.

I did not use Mod Podge, instead I opted for a half and half mixture of Elmer's Glue All and water. It dries clear and works up much the same way as Mod Podge but was substantially less expensive. If I'd been thinking I would have gotten the glue at WalMart and saved even more but knowing my hubby he would have argued the "gas getting to and from" point and would have won that argument.

Here's the link (=D) to the place I got the 31 Bible verses that I used. What makes this kind of gift stand out is that it's personalized. It makes you see the promises in the Bible in a deeper, more personal way. I think it's how the words were intended to be read. All you have to do is take the verses and plug in the name of the person for whom you're making the gift.

You can always take it a step further and look up verses or quotes or even song lyrics. For example; if you're making the gift for an expectant mother, you could look up touching and funny quotes about motherhood and/or Bible verses about mothers.

I'm not going to go into a "how-to" on making the boxes themselves. There are a number of sites and videos that cover that. But I will show you the ones that were completed and a couple pics of the supplies I used. I hope this inspires you.

Peace and blessings,

This box was given to the Youth Pastor.
As you can see I chose to tear the paper
instead of using the scissors.


This box was given to the Children's Ministries Director.
Again, tearing instead of cutting.

This last one was given to the Pastor that speaks at our service.
My son helped by taking a sheet of the paper and scorching the edges.
The embellishment is actually a Christmas ornament
that was glued to the top using E-6000 craft glue.
This one I used a paint pen for the edges, it added an extra
touch that made it look more like a real book instead of a box.

And here you see some of the paper with the verses printed on them.
Using a set of pinking shears can help hide some of the uneven edges of the paper.
I highly recommend using a paper trimmer instead of scissors.
Unfortunately mine was missing it's cutting blade, hence the shears.


  1. Those are really lovely. My favorite is the one for the youth pastor with the torn paper. So thoughtful and personal!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I love them too. Will probably make more for Christmas.

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