Friday, December 13, 2013

Nom Monkey

I believe that +Karen S Vaughn has covered copyrights once before, but I've recently had my own experience with it that I would like to share.
My boyfriend's co-worker recently showed me this picture and asked if I could make her a hat like it for her nephew who will be born in February (sounds like my son, Daeus, will have a playmate!). Of course I agreed, gave my price, and then set about trying to create my own pattern for it. Here's what I came up with:
She was thrilled with it. I realized, though, that I didn't want to call this a "Sock Monkey Hat" because... I made it! And I want to be able to sell these. Is there a resemblance? Sure, but only slightly. I've decided on another name. I present you with Nom Monkey. This name came about during an entertaining banter between my boyfriend and I. I picked up the hat and using it as sort of a hand puppet said, "Mrawr rawr rawr monkey!" To which my boyfriend responded, "Nom nom monkey!" After a boisterous laugh I decided that would be the name of my pattern. A brief run down of the pattern under construction is this:
Ch 2, 6 hdc in the 2nd ch from the hook, 2 hdc in each hdc ending with 12 st, then inc by 6 stitches per row until you reach 60 st. Switch to brown, Complete 10 more rows of 60 hdc. The ear flaps are 14  hdc wide, then decreased by two until you are left with 4hdc, then hdc, hdc2tog, hdc, to end the flap with 3 hdc. The ears are 5 sc wide, 3 rows tall, and then dec to 3sc and sl st all the way around. The eyes are buttons. For the mouth I chained 14, sc all the way around the ch 4 times (I think) then I kind of eyeballed the smile. It's made up of sc.
It's not exact by any means! I'm sorry it's so cobbled together, but I did want to provide all of you faithful followers and crocheters something to go on. I haven't finalized the pattern yet, but when I do I plan to put it up for sale on Ravelry. If you can, enjoy, and if you can't, don't worry! You'll have a better reference soon.

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