Thursday, December 26, 2013

Crochet Resolutions? Why not!

Whew! This Christmas crafting season was a whirl-wind of activity in my family. How about yours? Of course it was. And now that Christmas is over, we turn our thoughts to the New Year. We also resolve to get started earlier next year, don't we?

"Resolutions", for me, have never been easy to keep. I've had a gamut, too. I will lose weight.  HA! I will be nicer to ____. Well, that one I've done better at. I will eat healthy. I will exercise 3 times a week; daily; learn Yoga; join the Y. I will learn a new language. I will balance my checkbook. (Does anyone even use checks anymore?) ANYWAY, you get my point. 

Have you ever made any crochet related resolutions? Browsing through the vast depths of the internet I've found some that you might consider for this year.

  1. I will crochet ____ number of items for charity.
  2. I will organize my yarn/thread stash.
  3. I will teach ____ number of people to crochet.
  4. I will finish (or frog) my Works in Progress.
  5. I will yarn bomb Main Street. (Check with local authorities first!)
  6. I will learn a new crochet technique.
  7. I will learn a new yarn craft (tatting, knitting , etc).

And for those that don't know how: I will learn how to crochet.

Do any of those resolutions make you think about your thoughts over the past year? Have you thought about doing any of those things? More than one of those things? Give it a try this year. Maybe, just maybe, it's a resolution we can keep. Maybe because it has something to do with our passion, we'll be able to keep that resolution in the front of our minds. It's something we won't forget.

Here's a toast to you. May all your works be completed, may your yarn stash be multiplied, may your orders be fruitful and may you have a great New Year.

Peace and blessings,

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  1. Nope, I never make resolutions based on a date. I tend to randomly make them, sometimes without even noticing it. I figure I have much better chances of being successful if I don't force it. :)

    I do plan my big weekends out early in the year. I'm very exicitied. This year I have Sew South, a retreat with my bee mates, and Dragon*Con. awwww year - going to be a good year!

    Hope yours is excellent too!

    1. Dragon Con!!!!! How awesome - that's so cool. I should really go to one of those one of these days =D

  2. Good ideas. I don't understand yarn seems a waste of yarn that could otherwise be used to make hats/blankets fir the homeless and un/underemployed. What happens to the yarn when it is put on a tree for example? It is an interesting type of art though.

    1. To my understanding, and there are a LOT of origin stories out there so I may very well be wrong, but I think it started in England as a way to raise awareness of fiber art as a true "art" form and to get people to realize that more than "little old ladies" work with yarn. So I suppose it can be considered a way to showcase what you're doing.

      For example; I crochet and donate hats for the cancer center. How much attention could be raised if, for example, I yarn bombed my downtown main street by putting caps on every parking meter. Every cap could have a small card, probably business sized, stating facts about cancer in my area. One might say "Over 200 people come to the Raleigh Cancer Center everyday for treatment" while another might say "The cost of 1 cancer treatment is $xxxxxxx".

      Maybe more people would help with donations of hats and blanket for these patients if I did just that. IF. Have to get permission first, you know. =)