Friday, December 6, 2013

Sock Looming

Check this out!

It's a sock loom! Sock looming? Yes, it's a great craft. I love to encourage fellow artists and crafters to expand their horizons by expanding their arsenal. Add some knitting needles to that bag of yours. Learn to use them, and you'll find that there are many many ways to incorporate them into your crochet repertoire. Like when making a broomstick lace stitch (sometimes referred to as peacock lace). Neat, right?
Here's another video for you. It will teach you the basics of sock looming.
"Well that's a short blog post..."
Nah, don't be silly. I want to tell you the story of how this sock loom was made. My boyfriend up-cycled a wooden band that broke off of an old laundry basket of his. (I know, I didn't think men had laundry baskets either! *wink*) He soaked it in water for about a day and a half. Soaking it in water allowed the band to be pliable without breaking, so he formed this nice little ring with it and put a clamp on it to let the ring dry. The drying process reformed the band into the ring shape allowing him to apply wood glue all over. That gave it the nice glossy look. After sawing off a small tail at the end at an angle and sanding this down to create a smooth edge he had a great surface to drive in a series of nails in pairs around the edge of the ring to create pegs. There were no exact measurements. This was really just a creative whim of his. He is toying with some ideas for the next model.
A quick run to Hobby Lobby to buy a looming hook (mine included a plastic yarn needle and only cost about $1.50) - now we never have to buy socks again.
If you're not feeling so spunky as to make your own sock loom, that's understandable. We price checked a couple while we were at Hobby Lobby. The cheapest one was about $18.00. The cheapest one that I would recommend having was around $28.00, and the prices continue up rapidly from there.
If you decide to create your own let us see! +Karen S Vaughn and I would love to see it!

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