Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello, Twos-Day!

Sometimes I think weird things. Especially if I'm in a particular mood or mind-set. Which would be most of the time according to my husband.

For example: words in the English language. Comb = Tomb.
They both end in "-omb" but are pronounced completely differently.
That is dumb. But, that's also just MY opinion.
Another example in the English language, and one that I say frequently is:
If Freeze is Froze, Squeeze should be Squ-oze. Ugh.

Here's my weird thought for today: two's. How many things can I think of that come in pairs AND are related to yarn-y stuff? I didn't come up with many at all.

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  • How about the obvious things like socks, mittens, gloves? 

Image from Google Image Search and
the book 2Needle Mittens and Accessories - 1955.

  • Toys like Raggedy Ann and Andy. (Free pattern link)

Image from Dolly Donations.

What got me started on this was that stupid! game Family Feud. The one that you can play with or against friends on Facebook? I play it, I'm pretty good at it. They asked a question wanting you to list things that came in pairs. I thought "easy". Do you know that they listed hands, feet and eyes?!?! Apparently everyone is born with two of those. They don't live in the real world. Not everyone is born with two of each. Again I say "Ugh".

So tell me, what things can you list that come in two's? AND are related to yarn? (I know, I sneeze twice too, but it's not related to yarn so it doesn't count.) 

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  1. well since you said "yarn related" and not "crochet related" I can say knitting needles....unless they are circular...then they are just one. And THAT is weird!! And I can say yarn it'self. You should ALWAYS buy skeins in least that is my philosophy!!! One is never enough :D

    1. I agree - one is never enough!
      And I don't know why I didn't think of knitting needles, I have a pair RIGHT beside me! Lol

  2. 2-ply yarn, yarn-over-two, second row, second round, hold two colors, That's all for me.

    1. Oh wonderful!!! =D
      2-ply yarn. Good grief, I have some of that - lol.

  3. Stocking stitch comes in two rows one knit one purl