Monday, January 27, 2014

It's Monday. What's on Your Hook?

I came across this video for a headband while I was looking for, you guessed it, a headband pattern.

My beautiful daughter,
Maeghan, modeling one of
the headbands.

It's from Donna at and I love it! The pattern is easy to remember and it's pretty easy to follow along with the video. One note; she crochet's fast so you may need to pause it in order to catch up. There are also written instructions if you'd like to follow those instead.

She goes over how to make the increases you might need for making a larger headband than what she makes in the video; they're simple and easy to remember. Her instructions are clear and concise the entire time even going so far as to put instructions up on the screen for you to read as well as watch.

She has a BUNCH of free videos for you to follow along and/or grab the written instructions. I encourage you to browse and see what you can find that strikes your fancy. (I have my eyes on this one)

I do have one kinda negative thing to say; she sounds like she's reading from an owners manual while she narrates the video. It's not irritating or bad or anything like that it just felt sorta impersonal. On the plus side, she introduces herself at the beginning and even shows the finished project in use, on herself. And that's great! Not to mention, she's a beautiful woman which makes it a lot better visual than my Styrofoam head! Lol!! (Sorry, Marie)

I've decided all the ladies in my family are getting a headband for Christmas. I'm trying to make one or two gifts a month this year. That will help when the Christmas crafting rush hits closer to the holiday season. This headband will be February's gift making project. I already have January's finished.

Let me say that the pictured grey headband with the purple trim has some additions from yours truly. Namely, that purple trim. Donna doesn't put an edging on her headband and it looks great without it, I just wanted something that would stand out.

The weekend is over and a new week lies ahead of us. What are you busy with this Monday?

Peace and blessings,

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  1. I love the addition of the edging you put on the headband!! gives it a nice finished look and pulls it all together nicely! I really should start Christmas projects earlier this year.....maybe....just maybe!! LOL

    1. I know that feeling - I keep getting pulled in so many different directions it's hard to stay on track, isn't it?

  2. That headband looks amazing, Karen! I love headbands, but I have so much hair, and it's super thick, so they rarely stay on my head, BOO!

    Today I am finishing up my ugly socks, sending out my newsletter and starting on a baby blanket for my cousin's shower. Yeah, I try to stay busy!

  3. I like the purple additions as well as the lovely buttons you added. Smart cookie, getting the holiday gifts taken care of little by little as the year progresses.

    1. Sara, I decided that I'm too old for all that added stress. LOL