Friday, January 24, 2014

My Crafting Area

Let's talk about my craft area for a moment. Now let me say that this is just my crochet area. If I'm making jewelry or working with paper of any kind I use a table.

The typical thing I do
, at the moment, is make hats. You know this by now. So why would my crafting area get so disarrayed? Because I can't leave well enough alone, that's why. 

I hop from one thing to another. Make a hat . . . practice a new stitch. Make two hats . . . try every new pattern I've seen today. Make a hat . . . experiment with using a smaller hook than recommended just to see what the results would be.

Like I said, I can't leave well enough alone.


after a lot of losing hooks and yarn needles I'd finally had my fill of the yarn that suddenly became bothersome. And this I did not like. I love yarn! It makes me happy, but not this day. This day it was fast becoming my enemy. Threatening to overtake my entire desk! Flooding over the keyboard in such a manner as to obstruct my connection to the web-world and more patterns! How DARE it!

Then I realized I was the one to blame. My desk had become like my brain; cluttered and disheveled. Unable to get one thing completed before beginning another. Shame on me. It wasn't the yarn at all. 

So I de-cluttered my desk, leaving only the things I'm currently working on available to my tired hands. And yes they are tired. Crochet isn't always so non-physical, is it? You guys know what I'm talking about.

After cleaning, I rested.

*deep cleansing breath*

Now I'm ready to begin anew.
Get further ahead on my hat quest (no pun intended), create the hats and headbands ordered this week, and reign once again as Supreme Commander over my army of Yarn.

Today . . . we march!

Keeping our crafting area free of clutter can help us in our
everyday crocheting as well as making and completing orders.

It's much faster to be able to get that certain color of yarn
instead of having to rummage through a few bags or totes.

It's much more efficient to have your scissors and yarn needles at your 
fingertips instead of having to dig through mounds and mounds of cut tails.

Tidy is efficient and efficient can help you complete your project faster so you can get on to the next one!

That's what it's about for me.

What about you?

Peace and blessings,

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  1. Great info very well said... I cleaned up my mess yesterday

  2. I've been looking at my mess for WEEKS thinking I need to get it really organized!! This may just be the inspiration I need to get it done....tomorrow!! LOL

  3. Woe is me! When I clean and pick up is when I lose things! Can't find this or that, where'd I put that hook. I just had that color of yarn here yesterday...On the flip side, if I leave my space in disarray then I can almost ALWAYS find what I need right at hand. I have organized Chaos. Don't mess with it! :)

    1. I was that way for the longest time! Then something changed and I just couldn't handle it anymore! Lol

  4. I am getting better about keeping things where they go. I don't have a craft area so stuff gets transported to where i am at. There is always paperclips and yarn scraps somewhere and a hook or needle in the couch cushions. I can't wait to have a craft room.

    1. A craft room is one of my dreams, along with a library!
      This is one small corner of my front room and I have the rest of my yarn in my bedroom closet. In a Rubbermaid tote. Large enough for me to fit into. Twice.

  5. I've learned to keep my supplies in one place - a crochet bag. I also made a little needle book from a crochet square. I keep my stitch markers, tapestry needles, and even a pair of scissors attached to the middle. It closes nicely with a large red button. Best little use of a swatch ever.

    1. Oh I like that idea; a needle book.
      Wonder what I have laying around that I can make one out of? *grin*