Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Simplicity

There's snow on the ground and the roads are covered with cinders, salt, snow and ice. The temperature is expected to be no higher than 37. And that feels like a heat wave compared to the below freezing temps we've had this past week.

We're all warm and snug in our home, fuzzy slippers on, long sleeves. Pajamas. Hot coffee, good food, warm showers and dozing on the couch while watching whatever boring movie happens to pop on the TV later today.

But it won't be an entire day of lazing. I have orders to fill and heads to cover.

A crocheter's work is never done, is it?

2 cancer caps and 3 "groupie"
hats for an order.

Stay safe.

Peace and blessings,

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  1. sounds like my day....only it's a beautiful day here on the Coastal Bend!! I've just taken a walk wearing short pants, flip flops and a short sleeved t-shirt :D Enjoy your cozy day!!

    1. You sound like my mother.
      Who is in Florida.
      And frequently tells me the temperature when it's cold up here. LOL

  2. I live in florida also and we had frost on the ground a couple days ago. Now we will be getting back into the 70's a this week

    1. I'm so jealous . . .
      I spent July in Florida this year and aside from all the rain it was wonderful!
      (I was on the gulf coast side)

  3. You're coming along nicely with your goal of 365 hats.