Monday, February 3, 2014

A Little Trick for Center-Pull Lovers

Do you know what I mean when I say "center-pull"? If you've been working with yarn for even a short while, I'm sure you do. For those of you that don't it's simply pulling the yarn from the center of the skein instead of the outside **shivers at the thought** and not having to roll the skein into a ball.

I work with Red Heart yarns a lot, the two main reasons being that the brand is readily available in a number of colors and it's pretty easy on the wallet. I have also come to love this:

Is that not a great idea? Don't you wish ALL yarn companies did this? I do. Someone finally decided to make it a bit easier on us yarn-junkies and label the yarn to show us which end to pull from. 

**One quick note: I highly recommend the A side be avoided like the plague . . . just saying.**

Back to the topic at hand.
If you do use the center-pull method, you've more than likely noticed how frustrating it can get once you're down to the last few loops of yarn. For me, that free floating end (See image above, A side) seems to get in my way. Kinda like a bad penny and always unexpectedly showing up at the worst time.

So here's my little tip for you:

Tape that sucker down. If I know I'm going to use the entire skein in one project, THIS is what I do. And that's for a couple of reasons.

  1. It keeps the label with the yarn. That way I know exactly what color I'm using just in case I have to put it down for a prolonged length of time.
  2. I don't really like knots in my work. Taping the end means I don't have to cut the yarn from my project, ball up the remains, and reattach the yarn.
  3. And finally, that free floating irritant is out of the way and makes it easier for me to get through the project. If I don't tape it down I'm constantly having to stop and unwind a tangled mess. 
Doing number 3 keeps you from having to deal with number 2.

And I definitely don't want a number 2 messing up my project.

Do you?

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  1. thats how i use my yarn... but usually i have to dig in the ball for the inside sting.... thanks

    1. I'm hoping other yarn companies pick up on the way Red Heart has started doing it - I love that diagram.

  2. Karen, I'm sooo with you. I hate this part of center pull skeins. I think it was an elderly lady in a crochet group who taught me how to find the center of the skein. There is even a tool she used to pull it out.

    1. Oh wow, a tool to pull it out with - how cool.
      I just dig with my fingers til I find it - or give up and result to winding it into a ball. =D

  3. Just noticed that chart on RH recently. Yesterday I started a new project using Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn", and your little tricks work like a charm on it as well. Thanks so much for ending one of my crochet frustrations!

  4. Such a simple and brilliant tip to tape the yarn! I'm embarrassed to say that I really only figured out the center pull method a couple of years ago (I learned how to crochet as a kid!) but now I LOVE it. I will ball some brands of yarn though . . . and I often ball yarn when there's not much left of the skein.

    1. I with you there Rachel - when I get down to "just a wee bit" of yarn and I'm not working with it at that moment - I will ball it up too. It stores better! I'm looking into getting a ball winder soon though! =D

  5. I always have so much trouble finding the end of the yarn! I think one day I will finally invest in a yarn winder!

  6. Thank you for linking up at last week's Link & Share Wednesday Party!! and Congratulations! Your Little Trick for Center Pull Lovers was one of the most clicked submissions :) Rhondda

    1. Thanks Rhondda that's awesome!

      As soon as I figure out how to add a button I'm gonna pop that baby on here! Lol.

  7. It must be just me but I always pull from the center and it comes out in a clump most of the time, I use Bernat a lot so what am I doing wrong?

    1. Unfortunately some yarn companies don't make the center-pull end noticeable and we're either stick with a large "yarn-barf" at the beginning of a project or we use that outside strand to begin with.