Friday, February 21, 2014

App Review



Yeah, you read right. I decided to do an app review! It's for an app called Feed Baby Pro. All of that stuff that Karen said during her book review about being painfully honest etc. It applies here, too ;)
So! Feed Baby Pro is pretty phenomenal. It is an app designed to help you keep track of how often and how long your baby is eating. If you start letting your baby nurse on the right breast, you unlock your phone, open the app, and hit a button to start a timer. You hit the stop button when baby's finished an, voila! You have a feeding entry. You can also add bottle feedings - how many ml or oz and how long it took baby to finish. AND you can add little notes along the way like "Paused to relatch" or "Paused to burp".
Wait wait! It gets better. You can add solid foods. You can keep track of diapers - wet, bowel movement, both. You can keep track of growth, keep journals about baths, medications, anything you think baby's pediatrician needs to know or that you just want to remember. You can even keep track of multiple children! It's not JUST for babies!!
Now.... here's the bummer. Feed Baby PRO is a free app..  for a free trial. After the trial is up, you get knocked down to Feed Baby Lite. It's still pretty good, but there are small things that aren't so convenient anymore.
For instance, you can't pause and then restart a feeding. You have to start a new one after you stop it. The widgets that come with the app are super awesome. You just put them on your home screen and it's one less step you have to take to track what your (screaming) baby is doing. On the Lite version, the widgets don't work.
The app is truly great. I can't blame the creators for wanting to make some money off of it. It's obviously had A LOT of work put into it. And $4.99 isn't too much to pay for the convenience of being able to keep track of these things. To me, $4.99 is totally worth the peace of mind. :)

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