Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keeping up with It

This past week I've been a bit under the weather with a stomach bug but I think *crosses fingers and toes* that I'm about over it. I was able to finish up a rather large order, though, and thought I'd share the pics with you. 

This is the Schneewittchen beanie.

Turtle inspired beanie.
"Helper" inspired baby beanie.
"Helper" Kev inspired beanie.
Beanie for a girl inspired by a "Helper".
Being able to give my client what she wants without infringing upon the copyright of certain subject matter is very important to me. It can be done without getting anyone upset or myself in trouble. Plus I won't be charging for the patterns when I get around to posting them. These guys are pretty simple in design and construction.

The hardest one for me was the Snow White inspired beanie. Why? Well, I'd make one and then promptly frog it because it kept looking like something you might wear to Sochi in order to cheer on the Red, White and Blue! Lol. My youngest daughter and I sat down and put the colors together in a way that said "Princess" instead of Olympic groupie.
Disney only owns the rights to their version of Snow White so I can call that one what it is (Schneewittchen) without stepping on any toes. I do like the original German version title, though. Almost sounds like a sneeze, doesn't it? =D Gesundheit! 
Peace and blessings,


  1. I think your Snow White inspired beanie is my favorite!!! It's completely original and when I look at it I can see Snow White!! Good Job!!!

  2. Achoooooo, bless you!

    Great job!

  3. oh! sorry you're not well!

    Looks like you've been using the time efficiently though. These are awesome. The TMNT one is my favorite :)

    1. I'm kinda in love with the turtle too! I want to make all 4 for my grandbaby =D =D

      And thank you - I'm feeling better - I could actually eat today!

  4. I like the eyelashes on the hat. Just enough to give it the extra something.

    1. Well thank you very much! I wanted something that said "minion" without it being pink =D