Friday, February 14, 2014

Newborn Baby Beanie with Pattern

I promised this last Friday, and then made myself a liar. Rather, the hospital made me a liar. Happy Valentine's Day, but in lieu of recent events detailed at my blog Kat Knap, I have decided to present you with the pattern for my basic newborn beanie instead of a Valentine's Day oriented pattern. I realize that this pattern is simple, but there are a couple of reasons I'm choosing to give this to you as opposed to something a bit more extravagant. One, I have a newborn, so I know that this size will fit him, and he is about the "average" newborn size. The circumference of his head at the time I tested this pattern was 13" if you would like to use that as a reference. It fit him well, and with a small margin for growth. Second, this is quick and easy. It would even make a great starter project for anyone who is just learning crochet. Lastly, you can take this pattern and turn it into WHATEVER YOU WANT. Innovation - also covered on my most recent blog post - is very important. Don't look at this as "just a plain newborn beanie pattern". Pick up your metaphoric paint brush, and consider this a blank canvas.

Baby Daeus wearing his mommy's Newborn Baby Beanie

Use a size 7 hook (G/4.5MM)
Any color ww yarn such as Red heart Soft
yarn needle for weaving ends

Do not turn your work
Join last st to first at the end of each rd using a slst
Numbers listed in () are the number of st you should expect to have at the end of each rd

Abbreviations used:
Slip Stitch (slst)
Chain (ch)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Round (rd)

Ch 2 and crochet rd 1 into the second stitch from the hook
Rd 1: hdc into 2nd ch from hook 12 sts (12) ch 1
Rd 2: hdc twice into next st and twice into each st around (24) ch 1
Rd 3: *hdc once into next st and twice into the second st. Continue * all the way around (36) ch1
Rd 4: *hdc once into the next 2 st and twice into the third st. Continue * all the way around (48) ch 1
Rd 5: *hdc once into the next 3 st and twice into the fourth st. Continue * all the way around (60) ch1
Rd 6-10: hdc once into each st around (60) ch1
Finish off.

Now you can add ears, eyes, a pom pom, frill, do it up in any color. Take this pattern and make it your own. I would love to see your work. Please feel free to share pictures with me on  my Facebook page at KatKnap! (Don't forget to hit that "Like" button while you're there.)

May muses whisper to you always,