Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Work in Progress: Inspired by Fiona

My youngest daughter is involved in theater at her high school and this Spring they're performing Shrek, The Musical. While my baby isn't in a starring role, she is a cast member and very involved in the production. Which is why she volunteers my crochet craftiness for props.

For their last performance (Into the Woods) I did a quick strip of crochet, left it attached to a skein of yarn and put in a pair of chopsticks so it would resemble "knitting" for Grandma's bedside table. That was easy! I had it finished in under 15 mins, which included hunting for the pair of chopsticks!

This time, however, she has me against the ropes and is challenging my creativeness. This time she needs a doll. Something that Fiona can sing to during one of the scenes. So, I'm making a doll inspired by Fiona ... as a human.

Right now I've got the head. She still needs a crown (and a body, lol) but I've already fallen in love with it! She's so stinking C U T E !!!! 

I'm making notes as I go and plan on making this into a pattern that could be adapted to most any character you would want. I still have to get the body, arms, legs, hands, feet, dress and details hammered out. Then I'll be sending it off for testing to a couple of crocheters that I love working with. THEN it will be ready for posting. In short, it's gonna be a few weeks before I get to the point where I'm happy enough with it that it'll be posted for you. I like things to be right. Perfectionist? Nope.  Well, maybe. =D 

Today, I get to play with the question: "Does she need a mouth?"

What do you think?

Peace and blessings!

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  1. Love, love it! Can't wait to see when Fiona is done! :)

    1. Thanks so much! She's about 80% complete as I type this

  2. That question cam be answered by what is going to happen to her after her stage performance? Is she gonna come home or go somewhere else? Going somewhere else, yes she needs a mouth. Coming home to you it can wait. Love you!

    1. Well, that's true. I guess I need to find out what's gonna happen to her! Lol. Love you too Sis!

  3. Replies
    1. Lips . . . hmmmm. Something to think about, and practice making!

  4. lol, her hair is awesome! Just makes me smile. Yep, a mouth would be good. :)

    1. The consensus is YES to the mouth, here and at home! Lol. Looks like she's getting a mouth

      And her hair is the best thing about her! I love it, too!
      Of course, I'm partial to redheads, having been one at a younger time in my life. Hehehe