Thursday, April 24, 2014

Boys Toys

Since I now have a grandson, I find I'm looking at crochet patterns in a new way: would a boy play with this? or conversely, would a boy wear this?

We all know there are LOADS (metric yarn loads) of stuff for girls. Dolls, purses, dresses, headbands, socks, toys, etc. But what about for boys? Now I'm not the first one to think like this. Recently there has been a push to come up with clever ways to crochet things for boys (and men as well).

We've seen cowboy boots and hats, leather-looking garments for photo props, fishing hats and fishing poles, less open work in scarfs and beanies that would appeal to men and boys. I can honestly say that as a crafty crochet crowd we've come a long way in recognizing that the male gender needed some attention.

Here's a few of the patterns I've spied this week:

Ovetti amigurumi available on Ravelry as a free download. It's indicated that there are versions available in English and Italian but I've not been able to find the English version yet. HOWEVER, as we are crafty, it wouldn't take much to follow the pictures in the pattern and get something made. How cute would this be for your son or grandson (or nephew or god-son) to be carrying around on his backpack or belt? This is also a great toy for the car!

'Bixi' Monster is also available as a free download from KnittingFever. This is a CROCHET pattern, just to toss that out there. There are several patterns to choose from at this site if you're after a monster to make. Boys are much more likely to carry around a doll that doesn't look like a doll in the traditional sense. Personally, I think boys who do play with dolls end up being better dads in the long run.

Not Quite Duck Pins is another free pattern. This one is from the blog BitterSweet. A fantastic set of toys for boys that help with hand-eye coordination. Plus, they're just too cute to pass up! Who doesn't like penguins?

Amigurumi Inchworm is an adorable (and free) pattern from CrochetMe. Isn't he cute? Of course this little guy is quite a bit longer than an inch. As long as you don't use him to measure off the footer for a new addition to your house, I think you'll be fine =D


So, since I have a grandson to make things for I'm always on the look out for something new and interesting that might be suitable for my little man. Feel free to post links in the comments to patterns that you've made, found and/or written!

Peace and blessings,

The patterns and images belong to their respective owners.
I did not write these patterns nor did I take the pictures.

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  1. These patterns are SO cute. An Ovetti Amigurumi would be a great on-the-go snack container for the car if you did something like that over a larger container... Hmm...

    1. That might work if you could make it easy to clean - maybe something quick dry that could go into a dishwasher?

  2. Karen when I downloaded the Ovetti Amigurumi pattern I discovered the Italian and English versions are printed together. You just have to look for the English ones, but they are there. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Teresa! I kept looking around on the website for it - LOL!