Thursday, April 17, 2014

Little Sweetie Dress by Red Heart - Pattern Review

Written Instructions: 3 out of 5 stars
I find it frustrating to have to dig through instructions looking for what I need.

Video Instructions: 5 out of 5
Mikey knocks this one out of the park!
Explaining and demonstrating every stitch in a fashion that anyone can understand.

SO ... if you've been reading long enough you know that people all around me are having babies. Almost everywhere I turn, I run into another lady ready to have a small bundle of joy. But that isn't a complaint by any stretch of the imagination. I absolutely LOVE babies! 

My youngest sister is getting ready to have her second in just a few weeks, she's due sometime around my son's high school graduation date at the end of May.

I searched around a while, looked at and tried a few patterns for baby dresses (she's having another girl) but I wasn't too happy with the way they were turning out. I'm sure it's because I went and bought yarn before I decided on a pattern.

Let that be a lesson: pick a pattern THEN get your yarn. I always seem to do things the hard way. Lol.

Here's the one I finally landed on that worked out right (ie: matched the yarn I had bought). It's the Little Sweetie Dress pattern by Red Heart Yarns. I actually watched the video from Mikey at The Crochet Crowd before I started and that helped a lot. The written pattern is a bit confusing in my opinion, written for 4 different sizes without a clear path for any one size. You have to jump around in the written instructions to find the correct directions for the size you're making. That frustrates me and I usually end up tossing it instead of trying to dig through the directions looking for what I need.

The pattern calls for a size H hook and that will give you a range of sizes starting at 6 months. I wanted something smaller and used a size G hook. It's prefect for Newborn to 3 months! (Thank you Cathy from The Crochet Crowd for the recommendation I found in the comments section of the video.)

I added a flower made with ribbon and beads to the front just for a focal point. I have no idea how to make that flower, it's something I got in my button stash Christmas gift from my other sister =D.

I also changed the skirt edging. The fan type stitch used in the pattern felt heavy to me so I opted for a simple [chain 3, slip stitch] across the V-stitch of the last row. The picot edging of the neckline and arm holes worked out great so I didn't change that at all. I also kept the smaller V-stitch throughout the skirt section of the pattern. The instructions call for switching up to a "large" V-stitch for the lower portion of the skirt, but again, I felt that was a bit heavy looking.

Here's my finished piece. I think she's going to love it. I know I do!

Enjoy your holiday weekend and have a safe and happy Easter!

Peace and blessings,


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Can we say Dedication Dress?!?!? I think YES! Thank you sissy :) Love you <3

  2. Love!! So sweet and perfect colors. Now, I need one in my size! lol!!

    1. LOL

      If I thought I'd look good in that I might even wear it Susan =D
      Oh - and the hubby picked out the colors! Isn't he grand?!?!

  3. I knew you'd find the right one!

  4. Karen, your review is really helpful! Thanks for the great job in writing it up. I'm considering making this pattern for my daughters' babies. Your review really helps me know where the sticky points are and what slight changes might be helpful. I invite you to share this and any other homemade projects to my link party at . :)

    1. Well thanks Mary! Like you I enjoy reading others thoughts on how the patterns work for us =D

      I'll stop by and say hello!