Thursday, May 29, 2014

An Adventure

Michael with his dog, Zoe.

So my baby boy, Michael, graduated from High School on Saturday. Guess he isn't such a baby anymore, huh? He'll always be that to me even when he's 30 with his own kids. LoL

In and amongst all the excitement of his graduation ceremony, having his older sister, Kat and her family here, having my Mother and one of my sisters here (in a small 3 bedroom home with one bath) was an adventure! But not one that I'd ever trade! Plus, Kat and her bunch slept in a hotel, it gave them more privacy and made sleeping arrangements in the house a lot easier.

We had a blast. Staying up late and talking about things that made us laugh until we cried. Making dinner for Cox's Army and feeding all 11.5 of us at one time (baby Daeus is the .5 in case you're wondering). Kat and her family (all 5 of them) had to leave Sunday morning but my Mother and sister stayed until yesterday. We went exploring at the Tamarack for treasures and we went to Grandview State Park and took amazing pictures of the Rhododendron in bloom.

And we made jewelry. I had someone order 4 bracelets just from posting the pics to my personal Facebook page!
That was exciting!

Having family together all at one time is what makes celebrating an event so much fun. Don't you agree?

Have an amazing week!

Peace and blessings,


  1. Congratulations to your son, Karen! I wish him much happiness and success in his future :) Very nice picture, too!! Congratulations also on your bracelet orders :) I definitely agree that having family around, no matter how packed in everybody gets, is the most wonderful thing. Thank you for sharing this precious memory with us…it made me smile! :D