Thursday, May 22, 2014

Maeghan's Lacy Tunic

My youngest daughter, Maeghan, has decided that she's tired of paying full price for things. What things? Well, almost everything!

We go shopping for a shirt last night and came across this adorable vest; lacy crochet looking, very Bohemian. She says, "For that price it better come with the Rhapsody, too!" And a lot of times it's a comment much like, "You can probably make one for cheaper than that."

I'm constantly amazed at the witty, often times poetic, comments that come from that child's mouth. My husband likes to remind me that "She's 'Karen' version 2.0." It makes me see myself in a whole new light. =D

Here's the lacy top she asked for, still in progress as you can see. She's been instrumental in the design as well. Getting her to try it on has been the biggest thing. You try pulling a 16 year old away from becoming a Dragon-born jarl and see how successful that endeavor is.

I'm thinking about writing up a pattern for it. What do you think?

Have a great week!

Peace and blessings,



  1. Karen this is beautiful... And your daughter sounds great! Very smart shopper, too! I think quality handmade things are always better than store bought any day! :-) I love the light, airy look of this and the color is wonderful. I bet a lot of people would love the pattern for it! <3 Have a great day! :)

  2. I love it and would love a pattern!

    1. Awesome! Thank you and I will see what I can do; getting little miss to decide on the finishing factors is going to be the main thing right now. LoL

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  3. Hi Karen I am visiting through the Go Crochet Crazy "All things Handmade" G+ community. I think it is wonderful that your daughter has asked you to make her new bohemian inspired top. I love your post, I can just imagine a sixteen year totally dictating the style of it lol.
    It is coming along nicely and I love the lacy pattern.

    Thanks for sharing :-)

    Crochet With Linda Dawn,

    1. Thanks Linda! She is a bit particular. Right now she can't decide on the style of the sleeves - I've had to redo them 7 times already! LOL