Thursday, July 17, 2014

Crochet Love for your Floor!

We make everything in our crochet projects. Items from pot holders and hot pads to warm and cozy sweaters. Not to mention a few weird and unusual things in between!

Today I wanted to share some impressive patterns I've come across that are for our floors.

Lets start with this beautiful
Upcycled Crochet Rug. If you've got wood or laminate flooring and get up barefooted on a cold winter morning you know exactly what I mean when I say "BRRRRR"! These fantastic floor coverings are perfect for keeping tootsies toasty on that morning trek to the potty.

Image from

Plain circles not your style? How about a Mandala Floor Rug done up in Zpagetti t-shirt yarn? It's softness can be seen in the images and I just want to make one for every room in my house! I have carpet but who cares, right?

Image from

Need something for the dining room or kitchen? How about some socks for the chair legs? Not because they're cold. These little guys can save you a lot of hassle by preventing scraps and nicks in your hardwood or laminate flooring. Not to mention, they help chairs move easier on tile. 

Image from caseyplusthree

Now the dreaded word we hate to hear: mopping.
This Crochet Mop Sock is a great alternative to buying disposable mop covers. And it's reversible giving it a mopping AND a dusting option. Great for pet owners who want to do a dry mop around the room to gather up all the fur. It's also great on the pocketbook for us frugal minded people.

Image by Linda Permann

Finally, I have something that the kids and pets are going to flip for, this crochet Floor Cushion available on Ravelry. It's a fantastic way to make it more comfortable for the little ones in our lives, be they two-legged or four-legged. You can even store items in the side pockets. What you put in there is up to you but I guarantee it's going to be a big hit even if it's the remote and TV Guide.

Image by Hook Candy

Remember, Christmas is only 160 days away!

Peace and blessings,

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