Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pinterest: Is It Digital Hoarding?

I was looking through my Pinterest board, Crochet, the other day and had a thought. (How original! lol)

I thought to myself, "When am I going to find time to make all this stuff? And where will I get the money to buy the yarn?"

I don't normally think of myself as a hoarder. Not even when it comes to my yarn stash (hubby would disagree). But when I look at all the things I've collected on Pinterest I find I might have to revisit that assumption.

All those pins I've accumulated, and will most likely never get around to making, are hoarding of a sort. Is this a trend we have to look forward to in the electronic age in which we live? An age filled with bytes and IPS and downloads that monopolize our time when we could be out there doing something else?

This is not the first weird thing I've wondered. Believe me. The other night our air conditioning was busted and it was really hard to sleep. My wonderful husband and I were in the front room, under the ceiling fan, lounging around on the couch trying to cool off. The room was peaceful, silence in an age where the teenagers must have something running all the time, be it the TV, the computer, a video game or their iPods. Silence is fast becoming unappreciated. Anyway . . . I asked darling hubby this question: "Ever wonder what peoples feet looked like in the Middle Ages? How did they cut their toenails?"

That's just one example of the questions my patient husband has had to endure.

As far as Pinterest goes, do you feel like you're just accumulating internet junk? Or do you feel like the things you've pinned might in some way provide comfort to another? I'd like to think that the original pinner appreciates the re-pin. (I know I always do) And I'd like to think that along the way, whoever is looking at my Pinterest pages gets a smile or a warm thought or even a giggle at some of the funnier things.

At the very least, Pinterest provides a large number of people a format for doing something else that's getting lost in today's society: Sharing.

So I will keep my assumption that, No, I am NOT a hoarder. 

I am a Sharer.

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  1. Do you have the pattern for the binky holder? Its so adorable.

    1. I looked up that pattern and it was available for free, unfortunately the link is now Error 404.

      Alternative patterns are available here: