Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crochet for the Car: 5 Great Ideas for Comfort in Your Car

Who buys a car they don't like? No one! We go through the trouble of making sure the gas mileage is something we can afford, we check on front wheel drive verses rear wheel drive, we even make sure there are little pockets for our stuff, enough cup holders for the family, a glove box big enough to hold the instruction book plus a hairbrush plus a cable hookup so you can play your iPod through the radio plus a ton of napkins from assorted drive thru windows. Wait .... you don't have a ton of napkins in your glove box? I've had a metric crap-ton of them since I've had kids.

The point is, no matter how much we look and shop and measure all the different car up against each other, there are things we'd like to add. I've got a list of some of the top items found in random searches!

1. Car Blanket by Lion Brand

**knit pattern knit pattern knit pattern**

This is especially helpful to have in the car if you live in an area where it gets below freezing. Having a blanket in your car if you happen to get stuck in a ditch (or on the freeway in Atlanta) could mean the difference between ten toes and no toes! Click here for some great information about winter prepping your car.

This is a KNIT pattern
But I see no reason why we couldn't
crochet one and just use the same
folding technique.

2. Seat Belt Travel Pillow from Crochet Ever After
We ALL need one of these at some point. Traveling to Grandmas, going to Disney, visiting family for the Holidays, that long commute to work every morning. I wonder how weird it would be to see an adult pictured with one? I know I'd use it! I like how there's a little "bump" in the profile. That's to keep your head from trying to roll off your shoulders!

3. Rearview Mirror Cubes 
I know, I know. It's NOT crochet but I couldn't help myself! They're just so stinking cool! Rubik's Cube has a made a come-back in the past few years and I remember having one as a kid. Let me tell you something, the one's that were around when I was a kid were a LOT cooler . . . they had stickers on them. I was able to complete it every time . . . provided no one was looking, that is.

Looking for a crochet cube?
Try THIS one from Lion Brand Yarn.
It could easily be made into fuzzy dice!

4. Steering Wheel Cover by Nifty Creations
No one likes to grab hold of a frozen steering wheel at 5am on a winter morning. Or any time of day for that matter. Crochet a cover to match your style instead of trying to find one at Walmart. I can almost promise that it's going to cost less and be a better fit! This is just one of the many steering wheel cover patterns on Ravelry

5. Carseat Shoulder Strap Covers by Hook Candy
If you have babies, then you know how bad it is to get your child out of the car seat and see strap marks on their skin. Not because the straps are too tight but simply because babies tend to roll their heads over and lay their tender cheeks against them. Make some of these strap covers and prevent that from happening!

Those are just some of the fantastic things you can find to help make your car feel a bit more cozy. Researchers tell us that people are spending more and more time in their cars as the years go by, so make yours an extension of your home!

Peace and blessings,

PS: Take a look at these fantastic cup holder liners!

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