Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Have This Yarn ... Now What?

Been to the yarn store lately? Seen all that funky looking yarn that's just too cool to pass up, so you pick it up, play with it, put it back down, pick it up again and then it somehow magically ends up in your shopping cart? (We call those "buggys" in my neck of the woods)

Well, I've done that exact same thing. Several times actually. As has my mother, who then sends said funky yarn to me and tells me that I can come up with something to make out of it.

*insert confused face here*

My lovely daughter Kat is here for a visit from Kentucky and we were discussing fiber flubs just like this and just what the heck we can do with them. So here's our list of what you can do with that irresistible yarn that jumped into your cart when no one was looking.


Image from The Left Side of Crochet

 Bookmarks are great for those of us that still love books made of paper PLUS it's a great starter project for crafters new to thread weight yarns.

If you're up for
something more adventurous
you can always try my Butterfly Trail Bookmark located here or the Flower Motif Bookmark located here.

Image from Lion Brand Yarn

Another fun and funky fiber is
How many of us have 3 or 12 skeins of this stuff laying around? Isn't it great?!?
A scarf like the one pictured left is a good project for this type of yarn. The characteristics that make this fiber so much fun can also make it difficult to see your stitch work. Kat and I both suggest a project that's forgiving of mistakes! On the flip side, this is a fantastic yarn for trimming out projects like hats, scarfs, mittens, pillows, etc.

Image from Lion Brand

Have you seen Red Heart's

Think "fabric" instead of fiber.

It's a great flouncy fashion type of product and it's a bit irresistible.

Try thinking outside the box in the realm of possibilities for this "yarn". Skirts, trims for collars, pillows!  

That's just a few of the ones we have floating around our stash piles and an idea or two on what you can make with them. If you have any suggestions for these and other yarns that you've found difficult to work with, please leave a comment below! We're in it together and sharing helpful advice is always welcome!

From Karen, Peace and blessings.
From Kat, May the muses whisper to you always.

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