Thursday, February 12, 2015

More About Scrub It! Yarn

Still working from sunny Florida and I have to admit I'm enjoying the beautiful weather. Who wouldn't?

I made some more dish cloths using the Scrub It! yarn from Mary Maxim. I was curious as to how many dish cloths I could get out of one skein so I decided to find out. 

The green cloth was made straight from the skein using a pattern I found on Ravlery called Simple and Practical Dish Cloth from Stitch 11. I used this same pattern with the leftover ends from the blue skein and 
almost got another full dish cloth out of it. The pattern calls for 16 rows before doing the finishing round and I got to row 14 before I ran out of yarn. But no problem for a crafty crocheter, right? I just used the multicolored skein leftovers and did two rounds of the finishing stitches and it came out great!


The next thing on my agenda is to tackle some of the patterns found in Kitchen Favorites available from Mary Maxium. Hopefully, I can get something made from it but I'm also working on a quilt top/pillow thing (we haven't decided what it's going to be just yet).

Until next week, Peace and blessings.


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