Thursday, February 5, 2015

Scrub It! 100% Cotton Yarn Review

So my mother orders from Mary Maxim a lot. She came across the Scrub It! Yarn and thought she'd give it a try. She made a couple or 5 dish cloths and ended up loving it. 

So she ordered me some. I've made one green dishcloth and now I love it! 

Let me tell you a little about it:

  • The skeins are 1.75 oz or 50 gms each
  • It's 100% Cotton with fringe (more on that later)
  • It's comes in a variety of colors from darks to lights to variegated

Now, about that fringe ....

The yarn has this fringe along one edge that really helps when scrubbing the dishes or the kitchen counters. Mother described the yarn to me as "ugly" when she first got it because of this fringe. And because of it, she hesitated to use it immediately as she debated on whether or not to send it back. After thinking about it she decided to use one skein to make a dish cloth and give it a try. Now she says she wishes she'd tried it sooner!

I got here (I'm in Florida until mid-March) and it's the first thing she gives me. After a hug of course =D. So of course I feel obligated to try it. I personally didn't think it "ugly" but I wasn't too fond of how it felt. It was rough as I ran my fingers across it. After using one of her creations in the kitchen I was hooked. This yarn is fabulous for any area of your home that needs "scrubbing". Be it the kitchen, bathroom, car, boat, maybe even the dog although I haven't personally tried that last one.

I think this yarn would be a good choice for non-stick surfaces because it's 100% cotton and has nothing in it that would scratch the Teflon or whatever they use now-a-days. I know I loved it when I was clearing out the iron skillet after eating that awesome cornbread a couple nights ago!

Here are some more pictures of what I've made so far in-between playing with my 9 month old niece. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this particular yarn and the uses you've found for it. Leave a comment below!

This is NOT a paid review of the Scrub It! yarn or Mary Maxim. I just thought I'd share my personal feelings (and those of my mother) on this particular brand and product. 

Peace and blessings! If you're in all that cold and snow and ice, stay safe and warm, my friends!


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