Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bathtime Fun

So, here's the Bath Tub Buddies scrubbie toy I made using Mary Maxim's SCRUB IT! Yarn. You can find the basic pattern in their book, Kitchen Favorites. However, I made mine into a bunny because Easter is so close. The original pattern calls for a Kitty.

I changed up the eyes and opted to do a crochet oval with an aqua color in 100% cotton (I think it was Peaches and Cream) instead of the solid black eyes that the pattern uses. The black that's on the eyes is a permanent fabric marker that I drew on, the black circles done in crochet made the poor bunny look like he was a deranged Easter clown. *shiver*

And obviously these are not kitty ears. I crocheted two panels per ear and sewed them together. The ears are also sewn into the head instead of on it. I wanted to make sure they would stand up.

Although the picture doesn't show it, there is a cord for hanging. A bath tub toy needs a way to drain off all that water so I made a cord and attached it to the bottom so it could hang upside down for drainage and storage.

That's ONE thing I've been into since I've been here in sunny Florida. I've also been working on orders for photo props for babies and some summer sandal orders are starting to come in as well!

Keep busy, stay warm and dry, Spring is right around the corner.

Peace and blessings,

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